What are the best gaming headsets?

gaming headsets

Putting together the perfect PC gaming set-up is no mean feat. But many people tend to work out everything else (or attribute almost all of their budget) before considering what are the best gaming headsets.

The power and capability of your gaming PC are obviously really important factors – as is the quality of your monitor (or, if you’re super-serious, your monitors). You definitely want a gaming PC which is able to handle fast processing and graphics, and you definitely want a screen which can handle everything that PC throws at it.

But in this day-and-age of blockbuster titles, the audio representation of your games is just as important. Game-makers put so much effort and resource into all aspects of their games, including the sound. The soundtrack of most games is a carefully engineered environment, and a decent gaming headset can be the difference between ‘just hearing stuff’ and immersing yourself completely in new worlds.

To take the sound of your gaming to the next level, you really do need a gaming headset.

gaming headsets

The sound quality of your gaming headset

It may seem obvious to say it, but the sound quality of the gaming headset you opt for is very important. It is, in fact, the major consideration. Just going down to your local ‘bargain shop’ and buying yourself a set of £4.99 headphones isn’t going to cut it. They’re cheaply made and, in almost all instances, the sound quality will be sub-par. You want a headset built specifically for the job of enhancing your gaming experience.

Your main choice will almost certainly be between a surround sound capability and the ‘usual’ stereo. Surround sound will obviously give you a more involving experience when gaming, as the action will be taking place not just in front of you but behind you, to each side of you, blow you and above you. Surround sound headsets have multiple speakers inside them, giving the headset a much greater positional audio. A gaming headset with surround sound allows the gamer to precisely pinpoint the exact position of things during gameplay.

In addition, there are other sound quality features to consider. Is the headset you’re considering engineered with bass frequencies in mind? Some users might be interested in having physical interaction capabilities – where the headset rumbles or vibrates, triggered by some in-game action.

The comfort of your gaming headset

As we’ve just explained, sound quality is the most important thing to think about when you’re deciding on a new gaming headset. But it’s worth remembering that comfort is also as essential consideration. No-one wants to invest in a gaming headset only to find that its physical build is somehow too much for them, and it makes their ears ache from its shape, size and weight. Comfortable gaming headsets should include a relatively lightweight design – and padded soft ear cups. These features will really help during those mammoth hours-long gaming sessions. Also remember to check that the headset is adjustable, so you can alter its position and fit on your head.

gaming headsets

The microphone of my gaming headset

The microphone is a very important part of any gamer’s set-up, as it’s the means by which you can communicate – especially important when you’re part of a team. So it’s important to ensure that the headset you’re thinking about has a noise-cancelling mic. An adjustable ‘flex’ mic is very useful, too, allowing you to move the microphone into a comfortable position. Similarly, a fold-away mic means you can ‘remove’ the mic from your line of sight when you’re gaming on your own.

What are the best gaming headsets: wired or wireless?

For complete simplicity and reliability, a wired connection is sensible. Many headsets are connectible via USB connectors. Wired headsets also tend to have some control functions built into the wire itself, which means they are very usable and functional.

However, wireless headsets are incredibly convenient. You can physically move about without a loss in the feed of your sound. If a wireless headset is a serious option for you, it’s also worth considering upgrading your home WiFi for speed and accuracy of signal. You’ll probably have had to think about this anyway, if you are a gamer who likes to play online games, or console games with connectivity to other users out there in meat-space.

gaming headsets

So, to sum up, what are the best gaming headsets I can choose?

The three main things you should consider when you’re thinking about investing in a new gaming headset are: sound quality, comfort and connectivity. Here at Ebuyer we stock a wide selection of gaming headsets at all value points and capabilities. Why not browse the entire range and (now that this blog has given you a little more pause for thought to use as a guide), with the true precision of a great gamer you’ll be able to hone in on the best gaming headsets for you?

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