A guide to Razer gaming laptops

Razer is one of the most reputable brand names in the gaming market thanks to an incredible range of top-quality laptops and peripherals. So, it’s no wonder you’re looking to get your eager hands on your very own Razer gaming laptop.

To help you choose the best Razer gaming laptop (which offers great value for money alongside a juicy stack of features), we’ve complied a highlights reel of the best features on offer. From exceptional screen quality to a powerful operating system, Razer gaming laptops have got the lot.

Here’s what you’ll be getting with a Razer laptop.

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Key features of Razer gaming laptops

There are various models of Razer gaming laptop, each offering a different set of specs and bonus features. Without diving into each different spec available, we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite features that these laptops offer.

HD Screen

The best Razer gaming laptops feature minimal bezel, to provide the best viewing experience possible. Every display is colour accurate and individually calibrated to deliver stunning imagery in Full HD.

Offering refresh rates of up to 60Hz, in-game action is incredibly smooth and fluid. Really important for the most rewarding gaming sessions.

When choosing a screen size, bigger is always better as it offers the most immersive experience. Providing your budget allows it, opting for a larger screen is a wise choice, and one that you will immediately see the benefits of from the moment your fire up your favourite game.


Razer gaming laptops feature an Intel core processor, which is designed to deliver power and efficiency to the most demanding tasks. Never again worry about your gaming laptop being unable to handle mass-multiplayer games with highly detailed graphics… Intel has got you covered.

Not only does an Intel processor make for the perfect gaming CPU, it also turns your laptop into a mobile workstation. Enjoy the additional power as it creates a bridge between desktop PCs and gaming laptops, making it great for completing work wherever you are.

Keyboard & trackpad

As you know, every laptop features a keyboard and trackpad – otherwise how would you use it? But Razer gaming laptops pile on a little extra pizzazz with an LED-backlit RGB lighting keyboard which really looks the part. The vast array of colour choices takes your gaming experience from bland to exciting explosive colour as soon as you fire it up.

Alongside that keyboard is a super responsive trackpad which has been optimised for gamers. Navigate with incredible precision and even use different gestures for an increased control over your system.

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Operating system – Windows 10

Razer gaming laptops utilise Microsoft Windows 10, which is now firmly established as the premier choice for gamers when selecting an operating system for their computers. It’s earned this lofty status by including features such as DirectX 12 (a programming interface games use to communicate with your computer).

Windows 10 also comes with the ‘Game Bar’, which enables you to record game clips or take screenshots in-game. This feature is perfect for sharing your greatest adventures with your friends – or with your followers on streaming platforms.

Not only is Windows 10 a great operating system for games, it’s also been designed to be extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate for all users. Ideal for business with its trademark Microsoft Office package, these laptops have tons of features to make it a real ‘all-rounder’.


One of the main benefits of opting for a gaming laptop over a gaming desktop PC is the all-in-one aspect. All the peripherals that you would otherwise need to buy, are rolled into one neatly packaged laptop. You won’t have to fork out extra cash on a monitor, keyboard or mouse, as each of these are built-in and designed to the highest Razer standards.

Of course, you’re not limited to just using the built-in peripherals. These are just there to get you started. You can customise your gaming laptop as much as you like – but, remember, as soon as you start loading up on additional hardware the portability of the laptop is compromised, as you have to consider how you’re going to move the rest of your kit as well.

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