Dual Monitor tricks with Windows 10

A few years ago a dual monitor set-up was such an unusual sight that people were liable to think there was some extra heavy-duty computing going on. Now it’s much more commonplace, and with the price of monitors coming down over time, the majority of gamers and many businesses use dual monitor set-ups to make gaming and working more effective. And, it must also be said: Dual monitors look pretty cool!

But what can you do with your dual monitors on Windows 10? If you’ve got a big, multiple display area then it allows you to multi-task with ease, be more productive, and gives you a much greater gaming experience.

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Picture a fantastically cool wallpaper spread over two monitors. It looks incredible! Setting up an infinite wallpaper is pretty easy. Just a few clicks and you’ll be done.

Just get yourself a wallpaper with a resolution of 3840×1080 and set it as a wallpaper. That’s it. One thing to remember is to make sure your monitors are level, or the effect of your panoramic wallpapers won’t be anywhere near as good. It also helps if you have two identically sized monitors.

Here’s some more dual monitor tricks…

Rule the world – across two monitors!

Here’s a feature which is actually more dependent on your dedicated graphics card as opposed to the setting of your system, but it’s really effective. Span your game across both your monitors for the ultimate in immersion!

Go to your graphic card settings > 3D Settings > Configure Surround, PhysX and select Span displays with Surround.

Rotate your display…

Windows 10 gives you a cool option which allows you to rotate the screen and turn it into portrait mode. Graphic designers and coders often like to work using a vertical display. It’s always nice to have the option. Go to Settings > Display, choose the display and change the Orientation to Portrait, select Keep Changes. It’s as easy as that!

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Keyboard shortcuts & Dual monitor tricks

It’s lots of fun navigating around all the space created by dual monitors, and a few handy shortcuts will help make your life a little easier. These work impressively on single or dual screen set ups.

  • Win+Left/Right Keys: Snaps the window to the edge of the monitor on the first go and pushes it to the next monitor’s edge when pressed again. Try it!
  • Shift+Win+Left/Right Keys: Moves the active window to the next monitor.
  • Win+Up Key: Maximise current window.
  • Win+Down Key: Minimise current window.
  • Win+P Key: Switch between display modes.

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