Netflix could deactivate your account.

Have we got your attention? Fear not dedicated Netflix users, this blog isn’t really aimed at you! The movie and TV show streaming giant Netflix has recently announced that it will be de-activating accounts which are not being used.

Streaming has become the norm

We all know at least one person who has signed up to streaming services, and never uses them. Either they don’t know how to go about it, or they still enjoy traditional telly watching rather than streaming their favourite show or a selectio of movies. Even though these streaming services only charge around £10 per month, that all adds up over the course of a year – especially if you’re not using it! Netflix has rolled out a new de-activation process for accounts which have been left dormant for over a year. Users will be sent an email, asking if they still want to pay for a membership. If they don’t respond, their account will be cancelled automatically.

These inactive users only represent less than half of one percent of Netflix’s overall member base. So that’s only a few hundred thousand accounts. The number of UK households which have memberships with Netflix totals over 12 million… So the figures mean this new approach is hardly going to make a dent in the company’s finances.

Streaming services have boomed in recent months.

This seems to be a refreshing choice for a big player like Netflix to make, and has been praised by many. Let’s be honest, we’ve all signed up for something that we’ve not used – whether that’s an email newsletter or the latest streaming service.

Product Innovation chief Eddy Wu said: “You know that sinking feeling when you realise you signed up for something but haven’t used it in ages? At Netflix, the last thing we want is people paying for something they’re not using.”

Could Netflix be setting the new trend for subscription services? 

We’re hopeful that this new way of managing accounts could pave the way for other subscription companies to be more proactive in helping their users – or non-users! Millions of people have subscribed to entertainment services since the lockdown has come into effect. Almost 16 million people worldwide created new Netflix accounts during the first three months of 2020. This is nearly double the amount of new sign-ups the streaming provider saw in the final months of 2019.

If you allow your unused Netflix account to be cancelled, you’ll still be able to re-activate your account for up to ten months afterwards. So your viewing preferences, account settings and favourites will all be preserved… just as you left them! Could this be the new trend for other subscription services? We hope so!

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