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Every PC gamer will know that the quality of a gaming mouse can be the difference between having the best game of your life and having that much of a nightmare you consider hanging up your mouse mat for good.

Nothing is worse than sluggish movement and an uncomfortable design – two things synonymous with a sub-par gaming mouse. Just like when choosing any part of your gaming kit, it’s better to invest in high quality equipment than skimping on some cheaper peripherals. This is especially true when selecting your mouse. It’s your ultimate gaming partner.

To guide you in the right direction and help you avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on a gaming mouse which isn’t right for you, here’s some things you should look out for when doing your shopping.

Ergonomic design

Your mouse is your number one tool in the battlefield. It’s your trusty sidekick in fantasy quests, and it’s your all-round partner in virtual crime. Which is why it’s vital to have one that accommodates your hand size and shape, otherwise it’s going to be a right pain to use and will no doubt leave you with aches and pains.

Fortunately, most gaming mouse manufacturers have recognised this and put their heads together to create designs which are not only ergonomic but incorporate a healthy amount of style as well. The best gaming mouse will feel like it’s been perfectly moulded to the shape of your hand, providing comfort and ache-free gaming.

Elegantly incorporated into the design will be a series of additional buttons (something you won’t be used to if you’ve been enslaved by bland, office mice all your life). These are placed conveniently for very quick access whilst barely moving your hand.

Customisable buttons

These additional buttons are also customisable, allowing you incredible control over your PC. Depending on which mouse you opt for and how many keys are available, the most standard gaming mice will offer buttons to change cursor speed and then two more located near the thumb which, when used while browsing the web, can navigate webpages for you.

Stylish – LED lights

Another design feature you’ll notice amongst the best gaming mice is a stylish, LED lighting system which gives the mouse an otherworldly glow. When paired with a backlit keyboard and PC with custom LED lights, it creates an awesome looking gaming rig with a really professional feel to it.

These lights are often customisable, giving you the choice between hundreds of combinations. After all, nothing says gaming better than a customisable experience.


The best gaming mouse will be super-responsive with a high DPI rating. This allows you to get the drop on your opponent and aim quickly, a feature that is truly priceless when entering the harsh world of pro-gamers.

Wired vs wireless mice has long been a debate between gamers over which is better. While this debate is worth exploring in depth, the short of it is that although wired mice are supposedly more responsive, a wireless mouse will provide you more freedom and is ultimately the one that looks the part.

For a quick overview, check out this video.

Gaming mice at Ebuyer

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