Working at home during a heatwave: survival guide.

It’s well and truly the summer now, in the UK. With a heatwave predicted for this upcoming week, we’re bracing ourselves for some tanning and BBQ weather. But you, like us, and like many others currently, are probably glued to your laptop and phone… working at home. Without the office air con to keep you comfortable, how will you cope with the heat?

No need to start sweating. Ebuyer has some great tips and handy essentials to help keep you cool this summer – even if you’re still on the clock!

Invest in a fan

This sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised at how many households don’t have a fan. Okay, so the usual British weather doesn’t often require one, but when it’s a bit warmer, us Brits really notice!

Having a good quality fan near you when you’re working at home can help you keep cool and focused, when submitting those last-minute deadlines. Fans come in a variety of styles and shapes to suit any home office set-up. The perfect positioning would be a medium sized fan on your desktop next to the computer. But even a stand-alone model will provide adequate cooling.

A well-made fan doesn’t cost too much and will last for years, so you’ll always stay cool. With a fan, you can even make your own DIY air conditioning, by simply placing a bowl of ice in front of it. Just in case you need that extra chill.

Fans at Ebuyer can keep you cool

Keep the blinds or curtains closed

By ensuring that your curtains or blinds are closed during the warmest parts of the day will prevent your home office from getting unbearably warm. If making this adjustment causes poor lighting in your room, perhaps you should consider moving your work set-up to a different part of your home during the hottest parts of the day.

This is easily done with a laptop as you can easily move it just about wherever you need to go! If you’re working from home, it’s important to remember to stay comfortable – and if you can, make the necessary changes in order to do so.

Keeping blinds shut can keep your office space cooler

Stay hydrated

No one’s perfect when it comes to remembering to drink plenty of water. Just reminding yourself to drink enough during an average day can be quite the challenge. In hotter weather when you’re working at home, it’s vital to keep drinking plenty of water.

If you struggle to remember to drink often, why don’t you set up scheduled reminders on your phone or email to prompt you throughout the day? This way you’ll be reminded to stay hydrated, even after long days in front of the screen.

Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated and working well

Stay away from caffeine when working at home

What, no caffeine? We know that this is how the majority of us start our ‘working at home’ day. But having caffeine in your system during hot days can actually make the heat worse for you! Caffeine is a natural metabolism booster, raising your body temperature and increasing your heart rate – making you that bit warmer. Try, instead, to drink de-caffeinated options during the hot weather.

Stay away from caffeine to stay cool

So there you have it. Our great tips for staying cool when you’re working from home. We understand that working at home can bring you enough challenges – even without a heatwave. At Ebuyer we have some great devices to make working from home that little bit easier! For starters, why don’t you check out our budget-friendly fans so that you can stay cool in the heat!

If you need more help and ideas for working at home, click here.

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