7 items of essential tech for students

tech for students

If you’re a student there is some tech you just can’t do without. There are seven items of tech for students that can be considered essential. With the new academic year fast approaching we’ve picked them out for you. Whether you’re returning to university, college or sixth form Ebuyer tech will keep you top of the class. Possibly.


Every student needs a laptop. For notes, completing assignments and research… Or for watching videos during boring lectures, ordering pizza and all night gaming sessions.

Whatever you use it for a computer is likely to be your biggest expense.  But there is a wide choice available – and plenty of them are within financial reach. Great news if you’re on a budget. Read our guide to choosing a new laptop for more info.


You just can’t do without one. A smartphone is the handy way to keep in touch with your buddies, but also have access to the internet while you’re really on the move. Get a decent one and you can control your life with ease. You can even put your new favourite take-away on speed dial!


Of course, you can always use the printers in the university library – but sometimes you’re in a rush. Maybe when you need to print out an assignment which is already late..?

So it’s useful to have a printer in your room. A multifunction inkjet printer may be the best choice. But, don’t forget to stock up on ink when you need it – nothing worse than going to print something only to find you’ve run out!


Celebrate the arrival of term with a new set of headphones.  Throw off your old garbage ones and get yourself something decent. Something which will help you focus on the study tasks in hand… or crank up the tunes without fear of upsetting your housemates! Not sure about which headphones to spend your loan / parents money on?  Check out Ebuyer’s range, here.


Ok, a tad debateable. Do you really need a telly if you have a laptop and Netflix? We’re saying yes. You do. Internet connections can sometimes be dodgy, and you deffo need something to hook the Playstation up to. And a new TV won’t break the bank. Besides, what’s better than flicking on the telly so you can enjoy a pizza ‘n’ Countdown sesh?! 

Large screen TV or small DVD combo. Whichever TV you want prices are coming down all the time. Check these out.


Pens and paper

Hey, no-one said we had to be high-tech, here…  Sometimes when you’re a student you just need a trusty biro and notebook. Don’t forget folders, files and maybe even a ruler. Throw in a highlighter or two and you’ll have more stationery than a stationery addict. You can order it all online too.


Let’s finish with more low-tech stuff. Some seemingly insignificant but essential tech for students… Don’t risk the remote not working when it’s time to watch the Simpsons. Take a pack of batteries to university with you. They are, literally, cheaper than chips. Why risk the trauma of not being able to channel hop?

So there are your seven essential items of tech for students… There’s plenty of other useful tech out there to make sure you live your student life to the max, and get the most out of your studies. Dig in to Ebuyer’s website for some proper research! You should get used to that!



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