Back to college essentials

School’s out for summer! That means it’s a countdown until the back-to-school product aisles in supermarkets, and until the adverts are back on our telly screens.

But what if you’re going to college? It’s an important next step in any young adult’s life, and it’s just as important to start off the new academic year in the right way. Keeping on top of your studies when at college can be a challenge, but with the right kit, you can become the master of revision!  

We’ve come up with some back-to-college essentials that you might want to consider for… well, going back to college!

USB sticks

Essays, photos, documents… All equally important – and vital to keep track of during deadline season. A good quality USB stick is a handy and affordable way of keeping your documents safe. It also means that you can save your computer’s precious memory from getting clogged up with college files. Try and get a USB stick with a high capacity. Anything of 32GB and above will be perfect.

If you have a particular heavy workload, you might want to have a few separate USB sticks. You can label them according to your different subjects or projects. And once you no longer need your documents, you can easily get rid of them, freeing up more space for a new term and new projects!

Stationery essentials

There’s something appealing about perusing stationery shops, and it’s a bit of a thing amongst students before a new term starts. Different stationery needs could depend on what courses you’re going to be taking part in. An A4 project note-book is a good all round option because it has divided sections for different subjects. Plus, it’s an all in one book so you can save room in your bag.

A basic stationery set is essential for back to college.

A small pencil case to store pens, highlighters and pencils would also be a good choice. Sticky notes can also be very handy if you’ll spend a lot of your time at college reading through large textbooks.


In the UK, sixth form colleges don’t require students to have their own laptop. However, completing coursework and doing revision at home would be made easier if you had your own computer. You could bring your laptop to college with you in case you need to do extra work or show a tutor a current project.

A good laptop is a great investment for college.

We’ve all had to stay up late to meet a deadline as students, and having your own laptop means that you can save all of your work and research to one place – rather than sharing the family computer. You can find good quality laptops for less than £300 and a decent laptop can be an excellent investment for future education after college.


In terms of comfort and ease of use, having the right bag for college could make or break your daily commute. If you intend to take your laptop with you to classes, then you should consider choosing a laptop backpack. They’re designed to provide optimal space for all of your documents and essentials, as well as keeping your computer itself safe and protected from knocks and scratches.

A good backpack will be comfy to wear, even after wearing it all day. You should choose one that has thick, padded shoulder straps, so that even when you’re carting large heavy textbooks around campus you’ll stay comfy all day.

Going ‘back to school‘ – ie. starting sixth form or college – is an exciting but nerve-wracking step in life. Hopefully this article has helped you decide what essentials you need to add to your checklist! At Ebuyer, we have tons of great tech to help you ace your studies!

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