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Home office ‘reminders’ – essential bits of WFH kit

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Although for some workers the lockdown of 2020 appears to be over, for many there has only been a slight easing. The majority of people who are able to work from home are still working from home. This seems sensible, and as if it will be quite a long term method of going about your business. So we thought it’d be helpful to offer you some WFH reminders. Bits of kit which would benefit an upgrade in your home office set-up.

Home Office Chair

For a start let’s think about comfort. You’ll probably be working at a laptop or a desktop PC. That means you’ll be sitting down for hours at a time in your home office. It makes sense, then, to ensure you have a chair which is designed specifically for lengthy periods of sitting down.

If you’re going to be sitting down for hours at a time, you definitely need a chair which provides back support, arms rests and some sort of cushioned comfort for your bum. A chair which can be adjusted in terms of height and tilt is also a good buy so that you can set yourself the correct posture.

We recommend: The Milan mesh / fabric office chair. These Milan chairs are the perfect addition to your home office. They combine a stylish mesh and fabric seat and back, with that all-important height / tilt adjustability. The chairs are also fully compliant with UK fire regulations, and are fire retardant.


So you’re already busy on a laptop while you’re working from home. But if you need to upgrade, Ebuyer has plenty of laptops and desktop PCs you should consider. Bearing in mind your space is probably at a premium, all laptops have been designed with portability in mind.

With different specs for different level users, there are trusted-brand laptops more suitable for heavy-processing tasks (such as digital imaging, video editing and sound editing), and there are laptops available for streamlined tasks such as word-processing and working on spreadsheets and presentations. Chromebooks – net-based task machines – are also worth considering if your workflow doesn’t requirte your device to have much physical storage.

We recommend: The Lenovo V15. A versatile laptop for an assortment of tasks, the Lenovo V15 notebook delivers value for money with its impressive performance and ultra-slim design. This 15-inch laptop makes day-to-day business tasks like creating a presentation for a sales pitch, running ERP applications, and working on spreadsheets really easy and hassle-free.

Data storage

Backing up your data is always worth considering, especially when it comes to your work. An external hard drive means that you can keep copies on a device outside of your main laptop or PC (so you’re covered should anything go wrong with them). Of course, if you are in that inbetween stage and working from home but also dropping in to the office once a week, you can transport your files easily on an external hard drive.

We recommend: The Seagate Basics. This is a hard drive which physically stores your data. It pairs simple drag-and-drop backup with a lightweight, compact design. You can store up to 4GB of data, which is a huge amount. It’s also worth considering an SSD. These devices are super-fast.

Dual monitor

Laptops will be the work tool for many home office workers but, if your work involves a massive amount of screentime, it could be worth considering investing in a USB or HDMI monitor. That’s an external monitor which is easily connectable to the laptop. The advantage here is that you’ll gain increased screen size. Of course, you might be working on a desktop PC – so adding additional display to your set-up could really maximise your workspace. Dual monitors are fairly easy to set up, too. Check out our video…

We recommend: The Xenta 27″ Monitor. This model has Full HD capability – meaning the display is extremely sharp and clear. With various ports (VGA and HDMI) for connection to your other devices, you’ll be able to keep a great view of all your tasks. Please remember to check the exact specifications of your laptop or PC, though, and ensure you have the correct cabling for connecting yourself up!


Okay, so just about everything is digital these days. But there’s no substitute for printing out a document on paper and reading it. Somehow the information just ‘goes in’ easier, and – obviously – you can write on the paper too, jotting notes or amends. So a printer is a really useful device to have as part of your home office set-up. Don’t forget that Ebuyer stock refill ink and toner, too!

We recommend: The HP Officejet 7110. This wireless printer is capable of printing up to A3 size, so it’s a real bonus if you’re working on design documents or anything which requires that little bit more visibility. Don’t panic if your work is all text and you’re a ‘standard A4’ sort of a person, though. This printer can handle that with ease, too.

Wi-fi extender for home office

A Wi-Fi extender works wonders around the house! Say you live in shared accommodation, you probably have housemates who are also working from home (or just watching a lot of Netflix while you’re trying to work)! So you need a reliable and strong internet connection which can handle a lot of hammer. A Wi-Fi extender will ensure that you can work from any room in your house, even where the signal is very poor, without having to move your router.

We recommend: Google Nest. This will give you strong connection in every direction. Nest Wi-Fi blankets your whole home in fast, reliable coverage and keeps buffering at bay all over the house. The added benefit is that each Nest Wifi point is also a smart speaker with the Google Assistant.

So there you have it. A few reminders of areas of your home office set-up that you might need to think about. Let Ebuyer help you be smart when you’re working from home.

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