Hook up with Spotify Couples

Spotify is seeking to woo couples on to its music streaming platform with the launch of a duo subscription plan in the UK.

The new model means two people living at the same address can gain access to more than 50 million tracks on the service ad-free for a discounted price.

Individual subscriptions cost £9.99 per month, but the Premium Duo offering comes in at £12.99, working out at £6.49 each.

Each person gets their own account as part of the offering, meaning they are not required to share logins.

Spotify Premium Duo
Users can also access Duo Mix, an automated playlist of the tracks most loved by both users (Facebook/PA)

The plan is the first of its kind among music streamers, following the widely adopted family option which provides six accounts for a subsidised total of £14.99 per month.

It is being rolled out to the UK and 54 other countries globally, after initial testing in Ireland and several other locations last September.

Alex Norstrom, Spotify’s chief freemium business officer, said: “Today we are proud to launch Spotify Premium Duo, a first-of-its-kind audio offering for just two people in the same household.

“We are thrilled to bring this unique Spotify Premium plan to even more markets around the world.”

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