How to choose a wireless headset

Choosing a wireless headset can be a daunting task – especially because there are so many different types available on the market. So we thought we’d give you the run down on how to choose, and hopefully you’ll be a bit more clued up when it comes to finding your perfect wireless headset.

First of all…what is a wireless headset?

The clue is in the name. A headset without wires! A concept that is a game-changer with regards to telecommunications. Being able to speak to someone while you are hands-free, and without being inconvenienced by irritating wires is an efficient way to go about your calls and get other stuff done at the same time.

Wireless headsets come in many different styles

Headsets are specifically designed to provide optimal audio and microphone capabilities – so you can get on with your work, while also taking phone calls or attending video meetings. No longer will you need to develop aches in your arms or shoulders in order to take a long phone call.

With a wireless headset you can hear better without any distractions, especially if you work in a busy open-plan office.

There are many different types of headsets that come with a variety of specifications. Depending on what you need to use it for, or how regularly you use it will impact on the style of headset you’ll need.

Things to consider

When it comes to choosing your wireless headset, you should keep in mind your planned usage. Are you going to be using the headset for several hours a day, or just for the odd call now and then? This will affect the type of wireless headset you’ll need as some are specially designed for prolonged use.

It’s important to stay comfortable if you’re talking on the headset. The device you are using to make calls on could also affect the headset you are able to buy, so for example there are PC, console or mobile phone headsets, all with different connection capabilities.

The majority of wireless headsets use Bluetooth to connect with other devices, but some can use a USB dongle in order to connect. This could be something you want to take into consideration as you might not want to sacrifice a USB port on your device – or your device might not even have USB ports! Bluetooth-connected headsets are a better choice because they are compatible with most modern devices. This makes them a bit more future-proof.

Wireless headsets for gaming.

Certain types of games require the user to be able to communicate with other players. A headset with a built-in microphone is an excellent choice for co-op games. This is because it’s got everything you’d need wrapped up into one device.

They have been specifically designed to provide users with excellent audio and microphone quality – so you sound clear and crisp in your matches. Gaming wireless headsets can be more expensive than standard headphones or wired headsets, but they should be seen more as an investment as you won’t need to pay for extra components for your gaming set up.

Wireless headsets: potential drawbacks

As with anything wireless, a wireless headset needs to be charged (or have its batteries changed)! Remembering to charge your headsets can be irritating and hard to achieve. It’s something worth thinking about if you tend to regularly forget to charge your items. However, more modern wireless headsets have a good battery-life and faster charging. So even if you do forget it won’t take too long to recharge.

Another main drawback to wireless headsets is the comparison with audiophile headphones. Usually, they’re nowhere near as strong in quality of sound. This means they aren’t something you’d want to use to listen to your favourite records with. That’s not to say, of course, that the sound quality isn’t good, and it’s certainly very ‘fit for purpose’!

If you need to have your hands free, but still be able to make calls when you’re at work or playing a co-op game, a wireless headset is a great choice. You can easily find one to suit your needs and your budget! At Ebuyer, we have tons of wireless headsets to choose from – all at great prices that are hard to beat!

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