How to turn your desktop PC into a gaming PC

Believe it or not, that old desktop PC you were going to throw out isn’t entirely obsolete… The beauty of desktop PCs is that not only do they allow room for upgrades, they actively encourage them – which means you don’t have to shell out a ton of cash to bag the latest and greatest gaming PC on the market.

With the right upgrades, you can upgrade your desktop PC so it can compete with – if not beat! – some of the best gaming PCs available today. It’s pretty easy too. You just need to know which components to upgrade.

That’s where we come in. We’re taking a deep dive inside your outdated desktop PC and highlighting the key components which you can upgrade to make the ultimate gaming PC.

Just follow our lead…

The key upgrades


The CPU (central processing unit) acts as the ‘brain’ of your PC, and it will need to be improved if you’ve got any chance of enjoying some of the best PC gaming titles. Unlike browsing the web or navigating word docs, video games demand a high-speed processor to handle the strain.

We’d recommend this Intel Core i7 Processor. It offers blazing fast performance which has been specifically designed for gaming and other highly demanding applications.


Your RAM is your computer’s ‘short-term memory’ (Here’s RAM explained in more depth). It stores any information your game may need to access instantaneously, so the bigger the RAM the faster and quicker your game can run.

We’d recommend this G.Skill Trident Z 16GB DDR4 RAM. Not only does this RAM manage to pack 16GB into it’s stylish design, it will display a rainbow of colours in a wave-style lighting effect, illuminating any system with myriad hues.

Graphics card

Your graphics card processes and stores graphics information for your game. Some games will be more demanding than others, especially the latest titles which deliver groundbreaking visuals. These new releases often have gamers fearing for their GPU’s capabilities. That’s why you need to make sure you’ve got the best kit available to play the best games!

We’d recommend this MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Graphics Card. This specially designed graphics card delivers a tasty selection of features such as Adaptive V-Sync, NVIDIA G-Sync ready and MSI Zero Frozr technology.

The Pizzazz

Now that we’ve identified the key areas to upgrade to turn your desktop PC into a gaming PC, we’re looking at a couple of areas which you can upgrade to make your PC look incredible.

Liquid cooling systems

There are so many to choose from, you’ll no doubt be able to find the perfect one which matches your PC. Not only do liquid cooling systems add a touch of style to your PC, they also execute the most efficient way of cooling your PC, carrying heat away from your CPU and expelling it.

We’d recommend this Thermaltake liquid cooler. The built-in LEDs offer up to 16.8 million different colours, with high-performance fans which keep your CPU cool whilst maintaining maximum efficiency.

LED lighting

Fitting your PC with LED light strips can completely change the game for gamers! It can turn your dull-looking old PC into and ultra-modern piece of kit which will have all your gamer friends drooling. They’re easy to fit too. Just identify the areas of your PC on which you think they’ll look the best and attach the LED strips.

We’d recommend this Corsair RGB Lighting Node Pro. These magnetic strips connect easily to your PC so you can remove or move them without leaving any trace. The USB connection also allows you to easily plug them into your PC so that they power on when you fire up your PC.

Gaming PC upgrades at Ebuyer

Now that you know what you need to turn your dusty old desktop PC into a truly elite piece of gaming kit, why not get the components you need? We’ve got everything mentioned above and more!

Just head over to our website to explore our diverse range.

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