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The New Normal – It’s a phrase we’re hearing more and more as the coronavirus pandemic wears on and lockdown restrictions are eased nationwide. If you’re still working from home or even if you’re back to work, it’s crucial that you’re comfortable. After all, in this day and age, ergonomics is a lot more than a high-scoring word in your games of lockdown Scrabble.

If you’re working with a tablet and tapping away at a touchscreen whilst laying down on your sofa, obviously you’re going to become pretty tired as the day goes on. It’s vital, therefore, that you invest in a proper keyboard to do away with the on-screen mess you’ve been using for the past few weeks/months. As any vaguely quick virtual typist will testify, the keyboard isn’t waiting for you to type – you’re waiting for the keyboard to finish typing what you told it to type not more than five seconds ago.

Or maybe you’re just getting used to the one you got with your laptop or the one bundled with your new shiny desktop PC. Obviously, you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your desk, so you want a proper office workhorse for those long typing sessions, not the flimsy offering which was bundled in the box to get you up and running. A great keyboard and mouse is the perfect starting point for adapting to the working conditions of The New Normal.

CHERRY have you covered in every eventuality. From additional number pads to premium desktop sets and much-loved mechanical workhorses, there’s guaranteed to be something for you.



The brand-new STREAM follows in the decade-long line of products under the same moniker, and builds on the successes of the previous iterations.

It’s a perfect keyboard for lighter typists thanks to its ultra-flat design and with a sturdy construction, it’s guaranteed to outlast what you’ve got on your desk at the moment. In addition, with durable key lettering and a scissor actuated keypress, you’re going to feel every input and feel comfortable when typing.

With 10 multimedia keys, it’s the perfect tool for productivity if you’re on a budget, and at a price of £23.99 certainly an affordable solution.


At £34.99, CHERRY’s KC 6000 SLIM is a little bit more expensive than the STREAM, but for that, you’re getting a lot more style and something that’s as robust & reliable as you’d need it to be.

With its slim design, it’ll fit perfectly in your modern home office, and with a choice of Windows or Mac variants, it’s also perfect if you’re looking for something a little more affordable than Apple’s Magic Keyboard without losing out on performance or looks.

The laptop-style scissor mechanism that the KC 6000 SLIM employs means that it’s an easy switch if you’re a laptop user, and makes for a productive working experience.


If you know the CHERRY name, chances are you’re aware of their industry-leading mechanical switches that have graced keyboards for the best part of forty years. Mechanical keyboards can actually aid in improving productivity compared to their membrane counterparts, and the MX BOARD 1.0 can act as the perfect gateway to a whole new world.

With a choice of MX Brown or MX Red Silent switches, there’s both tactile and linear options offered – the MX Browns suit typists best, although if you’re after a lighter and quieter experience, the MX Red Silents also make for a satisfying typing experience. In addition, it’s built to last with a sturdy construction and minimal deck flex in the body, and the full NKRO and anti-ghosting means you’ll never be in the dark over dodgy keypresses.

At an RRP of £80, the MX BOARD 1.0 is a fair bit more expensive than the other options listed above but, as the only mechanical option here, it’s certainly a price worth paying.


CHERRY’s GENTIX 4K is designed with today’s high-resolution monitors in mind, and with a 4-stage adjustable DPI from 800 right up to 3600, it smashes a lot of more expensive office mice out the park.

What’s more, with an ambidextrous design and comfortable rubber side grips, the GENTIX 4K can greatly aid productivity, and its sturdy and abrasion-resistant finish means it can certainly go the distance.

With all this in mind, there’s no doubt that the most impressive thing about the GENTIX 4K is its wallet-friendly RRP of £12.99. For that money, you’ll be hard pressed to find a mouse that’s packed with more features.

MW 4500

For a little more than double the money, the MW 4500 offers right handers the chance to use a wireless mouse at a hand-friendly 45-degree angle that greatly aids in reducing any strain injuries than can be incurred when using peripherals for a prolonged period of time.

With 3 stage DPI control of anything up to 1200 DPI, the MW 4500 boasts an ultra-precise user experience with maximum comfort and therefore maximum productivity.

Moreover, for an RRP of £30, CHERRY’s own vertical mouse beats off the competition with a reputation, price and build quality that other manufacturers simply can’t compete with.


Arguably the most comfortable mouse in this list, CHERRY’s MW 8 ERGO is designed with ergonomics and the modern home office in mind, with metal buttons and a raised profile that features a Voronoi pattern on the side to make it look sleek and contemporary.

That raised profile makes it a lot more comfortable than the smaller MW 8 ADVANCED and in addition, the four-stage adjustable DPI of up to 3200 DPI means it’s perfect for the latest high-resolution monitors.

At a price of £49.99, the MW 8 ERGO is by no means an inexpensive solution, but with its trendy and comfortable design combined with a precise 3200 DPI sensor, it’s perfect for your new home office.

G84-4700 Keypad

If you’ve been using a laptop or tablet with no number pad on the side like any full-size keyboard, CHERRY’s G84-4700 keypad can offer the perfect solution.

With their low-profile ML keyswitches, it’s built to last, being rated for over 20 million keypresses, and with a small form factor and portability in-mind, it’s the ideal partner for your laptop or tablet.

Moreover, at an affordable £42.99, this keypad solution won’t break the bank and, to be fair, the fact it comes in both light grey and black is a bonus.


CHERRY, with its headquarters in Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer input devices. CHERRY has an emphasis on office, industrial and security markets, as well as switches for mechanical keyboards, among others for PC gaming.

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