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Pack your essential tech for uni

Are you starting or returning to uni this coming Autumn? Whether you’re moving into halls or sharing a house you’re going to need plenty of ‘stuff’ – particularly if you’re going to be taking lectures, tutorials and one-to-ones in your digs.

You’ll be hauling plenty of stuff with you. With so much to take you’re bound to forget a few things you can’t live without. So it’s best to plan ahead – and to help you remember the important stuff we’ve put together this handy list of essential tech no student can do without.


The most important thing you can take! It’s your entertainment, communication and study hub all in one. If you need a new laptop choosing the right model can be tricky. Of course a lot comes down to budget (or, perhaps, what you can squeeze out of your generous parents). But you will find a huge selection of laptops to choose from at Ebuyer.

If you have a laptop don’t forget the case. You’ll need it to keep your PC safe when you’re dragging it from lecture hall to pub to home.

Printer and ink

Maybe not in the ‘essential’ category. After all the university library will have plenty of printers you can use. But having your own printer in your room can be a blessing when you’re printing out an assignment at the last minute. Don’t forget the ink – and if you’re buying a new printer make sure the cost of replacement ink won’t drain all your budget.


Encrypted USB drive

Encrypted? Surely any old USB flash drive will do? Perhaps. But an encrypted USB drive will keep all your personal info and documents safe. Let’s face it flash drives are easy to lose at the best of times. But when you’re at uni and sharing a house or a library with other students it’s easy for someone to pick up your flash drive. An encrypted device keeps your data safe. And they don’t cost much either.

removing usb storage device from pc

Power cord with surge protection

You’ll definitely need this. You’ll have multiple electrical items and probably a lack of wall sockets in your room. Having an extension lead with 6 or more outlets means you can plug everything into a single socket. Surge protection will keep all your devices safe and prevents expensive damage. Look for a power cord which also has USB ports so you can charge your phone without using a plug.


Let’s face it you’re more likely to forget your right arm than go off to uni without your smartphone. But if you fancy an upgrade make sure your contract includes plenty of data so you can stream movies or music during boring Monday morning lectures.


Your housemates will thank you for this. A good set of headphones means you can enjoy your music loud while cramming in last minute revision in the early hours. Without disturbing the rest of the house.

youtube on phone with headphones

Power Bank

It’s always wise to have a back-up power supply for the rest of your essential tech. The best power banks automatically charge your device and have multiple outputs. A power bank will quickly charge your phone or tablet if your battery dies. Especially useful if you nip off to a festival during term.


A TV is truly essential tech! But while it’s tempting to take a 60” big screen you may have few issues getting it into your room. You may need to lower your sights a little. A 32” TV is the ideal size for most student digs. The price is right as well.

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