The best headphones for learning at home…

If you’re working from home as part of your college or Uni studies, there’s no doubt that wearing headphones can help you concentrate. Slip on a pair of headphones and you can totally ‘tune out’ home life and all of its distractions, and study in peace.

A good pair of headphones is also an essential part of your student kit, as more and more lectures and seminars and tutorials are undertaken online rather than in person. The tiny speakers in your laptop might be okay – they may even be pretty good – but there’s nothing quite like a pair of headphones to help you focus on what you’re hearing. So it makes good sense to kit yourself out with something robust enough for a lot of everyday use, and cool enough to make that the comfortable option for you.

In this blog we’ll give you a trio of options of best headphones which offer great value. There are many more on offer at our website, but the three pairs here should give you a broader indication of what’s on offer, and help you make up your mind.

Happy listening with our best headphones

JVC XX headphones are a great choice if you want to double-up on use. They’re wireless so once your learning materials have been listened to, you can go portable. You can take them anywhere. Go for a stroll, listening to Stormzy as you enjoy your lockdown exercise. Don’t worry about dropping them if you’re an energetic stroller – they have anti-shock rubber protection. Once the JVC XX headphones are fully charged you’ll get around 40 hours listening out of them, but a quick charge facility means you can get three hours of sounds out of ten minutes of charging time.

Extreme bass boost is a welcome feature, offering your sounds a rich vibrance. Another great sound quality feature of these headphones is the Qualcomm aptX. That’s an audio codec which provides brilliant CD-like quality over Bluetooth connection, when used with a compatible smartphone or music player. It’s well worth checking out the JVC XX headphones here.

If your lectures, tutorials and one-to-ones are much more of a two-way affair, you’re definitely going to be looking for the best headphones which have a microphone as part of the set-up. We’d recommend Razer Kraken Ultimate USB. Although this headset was designed to be great for gamers, it’s also brilliant for other interactive purposes, too. Engineered to be extremely light at just 250g, an oval design creates a comfortable fit and plush feel. An adjustable headband slider means flexibility while being durable to twisting and bending over time.

Sound quality is spot on – the Razer Kraken is armed with THX Spatial Audio (though we’re not entirely convinced any universities and colleges are doing online teaching with surround sound! But you never know)! A cardioid pickup mic ensures your voice is heard clearly when you speak, but rejects noise from the sides and back of your sound-field. Perfect for focused chat.

Eyewear friendly cooling gel cushions mean that if you wear glasses you won’t be uncomfortable, and cooling gel-infused ear cushions will reduce heat build-up. Nice touch! The headset also looks exceptionally cool. With 16.8 million colours and a suite of effects, the headset’s ear cups illuminate with an underglow lighting that can be tweaked for a truly personalised vibe. Available for around £105, the Razer Kraken Ultimate USB headset is high on our list – and you can check it out here.

If you’re looking for something a little less ‘street’, and something a bit more ‘office’, (maybe you’re a mature student and light-up headphones aren’t your thing) then the Plantronics EncorePro HW720 is a headset well worth considering. It offers high-quality audio, plus a flexible mic with visual positioning guides. It has a built-in ‘noise cancelling circuit’ which means you can stay totally focused on the task in hand. The ear cushions are soft and the whole rest of the headset is manufactured with durable-yet-lightweight materials, so it’s comfortable enough for all-day wearing. At around £85 this isn’t necessarily the headset you might first think of, but it is great for use with PC multimedia and desk phones. Check it out here.

Cheap is okay but invest for best

You could also, of course, skimp on your budget and go for a cheaper set of headphones – and we’ll be straight up about it. They’ll be okay and Ebuyer do stock them. But it’s a total trade-off. Do you really want to compromise on the over all quality and sacrifice your daily comfort if you’re going to be wearing headphones for a long time while you’re doing a lot of learning? Nah, ‘course you don’t!

Our advice is look through the Ebuyer website and treat yourself to something decent, something that will last, and something that won’t cause you any issues… Go for the best headphones you can afford from the range on offer. Then you can concentrate on getting that A grade!

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