The tech you need to complete your degree

Going to university is a big step for anyone- whether you’re a baby-faced teen or a mature student, you’re all there for the same reasons. One of the main reasons, of course, is to get a degree – and these days it’s a must-have for many jobs. Intense studying is tough work and takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice, so you need to have the right tech for the job.

We’ve come up with a helpful list of gadgets you’ll need to complete your degree.


Okay, pretty obvious. Laptops are almost an essential for university. You don’t need to break the bank to get a decent student laptop and having your own will make your studying a lot easier. You can keep on track of essays, dissertations, and research all from the comfort of your room! It also means you can take your laptop with you to lectures and seminars, so that you can take notes easily.

When it comes to finals, exams and dissertations, you’ll be grateful of your own laptop. We’ve got tons more info on laptops for uni here.

External mouse.

Not a necessity, but if you plan on spending most of your day on your computer, then you might want to make yourself a bit more comfortable. An external mouse means that you can change in between using a laptop keypad- something that can get slightly tedious. Using the tracker pad on a laptop can hurt your wrists, so having an external mouse can make long studying sessions easier.


Again, seems obvious, but a decent phone is a modern essential. You need a smart phone that has good video call capabilities for when you’re home sick. It will also need to manage apps with a breeze so you can keep in touch with your new friends on campus.

Having a good quality smartphone at uni is a must-have!

A smartphone with document sharing options could also be helpful for when you don’t feel like bringing your computer in with you one day. As a student, you might also want to re-adjust your tariff, because your phone needs might be different once you get to uni. We have tons of new and affordable smart phones at Ebuyer so you can easily stay connected.

Laptop lock

Break-ins and thefts on campus are rare but can happen – especially in shared accommodation. If you have a laptop, then invest in a good quality laptop lock. They are so easy to use, you simply plug it into your laptop and attach it to your desk-leg- it requires a combination to unlock it- making it extremely difficult for someone to take your laptop.

These laptop locks are so affordable, and will give you that extra piece of mind when you’re out and about.

Extra storage

External hard drives and USB sticks will become sacred when you’re at uni and when writing dissertations and essays, you’ll be glad of the extra storage. Keeping important files and documents safe is a handy habit to take up when completing your degree.

A USB stick or external hard drive is an essential for completing a degree.

A USB stick is great to take around with you, in case you need to quickly save something before a lecture. An external hard drive is great for storing larger files such as photos or films. Whichever way you like to store your files, we have a great selection of USB sticks and external hard drives for you to choose from.


 If your uni budget will stretch to a printer then you should definitely invest in one. Having your own printer saves you from having to trek to the library to print off an extra page of your essay. Having a printer that also works as a scanner would also be a bonus for when you need to make copies of your textbooks during exam season- perfect for when you’re completing your degree!

Games console

Of course, it’s also important to be sociable when you start uni. Making new friends and meeting your housemates is a priority. But we all like some “me-time”, and for some of us, that involves battling it out on COD or GTA.

Bringing your own games console to uni is also be a great way of socialising with others, as you can invite your new flat mates for a game, or you can use it as a DVD- player for cheap nights-in!


Nothing beats listening to your favourite playlist when you’re writing a new masterpiece… or running late for a lecture! Investing in a good quality pair of headphones is a must on your to-do list.

Headphones are essential for studying in peace!

Listening to music when you’re working on new project can be a helpful way of concentrating – especially if your housemates are throwing a party! (When completing your degree you’ll need full concentration at certain times.) Try and get noise-cancelling or noise-reduction models – that way you’ll be protected from any unwanted distractions.

We hope this list has helped you to decide what gadgets you’ll need when completing your degree! If you need any more help or ideas for going to uni, have a look at these pages…

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