Webcam drought? Not at Ebuyer!

Virtually overnight webcams became an essential. Due to lockdown people suddenly needed to attend classes online, or stay in touch with work through Zoom meetings. But to be able to visually communicate through computers some sort of camera is required. Webcams were previously an everyday computer accessory. They have now turned into a rare commodity.

Although the initial webcam buying rush was in March, some manufacturers and resellers have struggled to meet the large demand in such a small space of time. This is also due to the number of webcams in physical stores not being reachable because of the closure of hundreds of shops around the country. This forced shoppers to hunt for online distributors.

Webcams are essential for virtual meetings

Certain webcam providers have even resorted to flying out products instead of shipping them. This is a more traditional, and cheaper method , in order to meet demand faster. This, as well as lack of overall products, is forcing the prices to go up – and sometimes to extortionate levels.

Why is the need for webcams so high?

As most of us are aware modern devices such as phones, tablets and laptops already have built in web-cams. But, according to a report by the BBC, many users prefer to have dedicated webcam devices which can provide higher video resolution for work meetings, family quiz nights or virtual college gatherings. It’s also reported that users prefer being able to position their webcam in different ways, rather than being limited to its position on top of their laptop screen.

It’s also good to note that if you’re a desktop PC owner, it’s rare that your monitor will have an in-built webcam!

During this unusual period most of us have had to use a webcam for one reason or another. Once you get the hang of them, they’re so easy to set up and use. They can be a handy accessory to have for your computer, ready for your next virtual pub-quiz, family get together or Zoom work meeting.

The demand for webcams is expected to rise again, when students start returning to university or college. Some will have to study remotely so will be attending virtual lectures and lessons.

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At Ebuyer we have a great selection of webcams for different occasions – all at amazing prices. Whether you need one for your home office or for your empty conference room to host large virtual meetings. All of our webcams provide quality visuals while still being impressively affordable!

Check out our range today and bring some extra quality to your virtual meetings. Don’t pay more for your webcam! For more information about working remotely, why don’t you check out these articles…

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