Why you need a Bluetooth mouse.

It seems that there are constant changes and improvements in the tech world – and that doesn’t stop with your mouse. We’ve all heard of Bluetooth speakers, but what about Bluetooth mice for your computer? There are tons of benefits for using a new alternative to a wired or RF (radio-frequency) mouse. Still need convincing…? Well fear not. We’ll give you the run-down on Bluetooth mice!

What exactly is a Bluetooth mouse?

In regards to wireless mice, there are two different types of connectivity to choose from. An RF wireless mouse uses a dongle that connects via USB into your computer – acting as the receiver for the mouse. Whereas a Bluetooth mouse connects directly to your computer or laptop. Using radio waves to communicate wirelessly with a computer creates a seamless way of using peripherals.

It also means that you don’t have to sacrifice a USB port for an RFdongle – something that you should take into consideration when looking for a wireless mouse. Many people have reported that they have had to repurchase several RF mice because their dongle had broken or had gotten lost, meaning they had to spend more then they wanted to.

What are the benefits of a Bluetooth mouse?

One of the main benefits of a Bluetooth mouse is that they can betaken virtually anywhere. So you can put one in any pocket (bags, jackets, etc.), and it can be used on many differentdevices. So, a Bluetooth mouse is handy to have if you’re constantly moving around. Bluetooth mice also have a much greater range than other wireless mice. For example, an infrared mouse has a “line of sight” which means that it has to be able to actually see the device; Bluetooth mice do not have this problem as they use radiowaves instead of infrared lasers.

While an infrared mouse has a limited range, a Bluetooth mouse has a range of about 30 feet.This means you can sit further away from your computer. Handy ifyou’re showing a presentation in the meeting room! Aside from being mobile, Bluetooth mice are also compatible with many different devices. Provided you have the right software, youcould potentially use your mouse with your smart phone, tablet orPDA system. This means that you don’t need to scroll painfully through different pages.

Some things to consider…

Overall Bluetooth mice are a better option in the wireless world. They are becoming a more popular choice because of Bluetooth technology in general being used in more devices. However, therecan be minor issues with Bluetooth mice such as having interference from other Bluetooth devices when using your mouse- although this is a rare occurrence.

Bluetooth mice can also be slightly more expensive than other wireless mice. However, they work more effectively and could be seen as a good investment because Bluetooth technology is compatible with so many devices. It’s also easy to use and doesn’t require any extra equipment to make it work.

You’ll be impressed by what a Bluetooth mouse can do for you and your computer set-up! Enjoy smooth, effortless connection without the hassle of setting up.

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