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3 ways that Fujitsu LIFEBOOKS will positively impact your business


Gareth Thomas, Head of Client Computing Devices

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has made a drastic impact on IT provisioning, with increased demand for supporting mobile and remote working. Here are three good reasons why you should be choosing Fujitsu LIFEBOOKS for your workforce.

Same but different

One size doesn’t have to fit all

No self-respecting football coach would put their goalkeeper up front: teams work best when everyone gets to play to their strengths. The same can be said for work productivity: your true return on investment comes when you give people the flexibility and the tools they need to work at their best and apply their particular skills in the way that suits them.

This is why Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOKS come in such a wide range of options. Some of your team will want bigger screens, while the guys on-the-go will want something lightweight that’s easy to carry around. It’s basically all the same black box inside, but presented in different versions to meet different peoples’ needs.

While we’re talking of one size not fitting all, if you’ve ever been in the embarrassing position of not being able to present to a client because you can’t connect your laptop to their system, you won’t be alone. Mobility becomes something of a joke if you still have to carry a bag full of dongles, connectors and converters for every eventuality

This is why our LIFEBOOKS come equipped with an impressive range of legacy ports: saving face, saving money and saving your IT team from having to hoard any precious remaining spares.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U939X

Cheaper, easier & more convenient to maintain

In the competition to create thinner and lighter laptops, most manufacturers have removed serviceability. Which is all well and good, but how long does it take for your team to get into a sealed unit each time, just to add more memory? An hour maybe? Scale that up – if you’ve got 100 laptops to get through, that becomes an expensive procedure.

This is why LIFEBOOKS – still light, still thin – have a service hatch and user-changeable batteries. So, if a remote worker needs a replacement battery, they don’t have to bring their laptop into the office, leave it with the IT team and then collect it again later. You can simply put a battery in the post to them and they can replace it themselves. Just like the good old days. Fewer tickets, fewer machines on the bench, and no ‘downtime’ for the user.

At Fujitsu, we really like our devices to work like invisible enablers – not something you have to consciously think or worry about. They’re just something in the background that helps you do your job easily and well.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U939

Better value thanks to longer refresh cycles

As we know, IT departments are having to rethink their provisioning, especially with the cost involved in moving people from static workstations to mobile solutions. This could even involve switching to an entirely mobile estate.

The difference in price between static and mobile can run into hundreds of pounds at a time, so it’s pretty obvious that the pressure will be on everyone to sweat those more expensive assets for longer and get the best return on their investment.

Value comes from how well the product does its job and how long it will last. The average refresh rate for standard laptops is around 3 to 3.5 years. With Fujitsu we can guarantee for up to 5 years for starters, while guaranteeing spares for another 5 years after end of life.

So, you can easily push your refresh cycle out to 5 years, because of this increased life expectancy – that covers the ‘long-lasting’ element of value.  And from a performance viewpoint, our latest LIFEBOOKS are equipped with 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, which means that your users will have all the power they need to see them safely through those five years.

Of course, there’s much more to our range of LIFEBOOKS than just these three benefits. Take a look, as there will be plenty more reasons why ‘same, but different’ will work for your business.

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