Do the Netflix shuffle

Nope, we’re not talking about the latest TikTok dance routine. We’re talking about a new feature on Netflix that is currently in its trial period. The shuffle button.

If you’re a mega music fan and remember the days of the iPod shuffle, you’ll understand the premise of what shuffle means. However, if you’re not familiar with it, then let us quickly explain. By using shuffle for your music playlist, it will randomly select a song for you.

Netflix are trialing this shuffle option currently, and we’re intrigued by it in all honesty. If you spend a lot of your evenings sifting through TV streaming platforms, with literally hundreds of options, but still find yourself struggling to pick what to watch, (believe us- we’ve been there!) then this option could be a huge time saver.

The streaming giant has been running these tests since July, with different styles of presentation being assessed. The outcome of the shuffle button currently seems to be based on what the user has already watched or liked. So, if you’ve watched a Marvel film recently, then you might be offered another super-hero-based TV show or film to watch. This is a style that has already been adopted by Netflix, as they often suggest new content to watch based on your previous viewing habits.

Although this trial is still in its early days, and we know not everyone will appreciate this option or incorporate it into their viewing habits, sometimes it’s good to try something else as we can all get a bit bored watching the same TV shows and films. (We can’t begin to count the amount of times we’ve re-watched episodes of The Office or Friends!).

With Netflix producing some top-notch films and series of its own, perhaps encouraging users to branch out of their comfort zones and mix up their viewing habits will be a positive move for the streaming service. Or people might just press “skip” like they do on their shuffled Spotify playlists…

Who knows how this new option will be perceived by Netflix fans, but at Ebuyer, we love a bit of variety!

What do you think of this new potential feature on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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