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Get organised! Great working from home tips!

One of the essential things when working from home is that you stay in control of your environment so that you can focus on your work. That means getting organised. You need some working from home tips.

There’s no way you can be truly productive if you’re working with a tiny laptop on your knee in the living room, while the kids create chaos around you or the TV is blaring out the latest edition of Countdown (or whatever)!

You need a dedicated and formal space – even if that space is ‘the dining room table’ rather than the office space in the back bedroom. It really does pay to set yourself up in an area designed for focus and concentration. And, of course, it pays to be organised with the work you do – setting up folders on your computer or laptop or external hard drive, and saving related files to these individual folders, for instance. You also should make sure you have the right tech to help you work from home.

In this blog we’ll have a look at a few things you could do to get organised and make your working life – well, your working from home life – just that little bit easier. Without further ado, here are our working from home tips.

Where should I store my work?

If you invest in an external hard drive, you’ll find it incredibly helpful in terms of storing larger files which you don’t need locally. The external hard drive will save you a lot of space on your laptop or desktop device, particularly if you regularly work with larger files such as photo or video documents.

You could also used a cloud-based storage system for the same purpose – though it would be advisable to speak to your employer to check their policy on storing documents ‘in the cloud’. It may be something that is forbidden. You could also use these ‘external’ methods to store files and folders that you think you may be able to delete soon, but are not quite ready to.

Of course, external hard drive storage also equals portability. You’ll be able to easily transport your working files between home and the office (if you need to go in), as external hard drives are generally quite small and can even fit in a coat pocket. Ebuyer stocks several external drive options, including portable HDDs and SSDs devices as well as desktop hard drives. SSDs are incredibly fast devices, so don’t worry about how quickly your computer will be able to access your work. It’ll be a cinch!

How should I organise my work?

Here’s a crucial one. Label your files accurately. How much time do you waste as a result of having little discipline when it comes to saving a new file? Instead of naming your new document “Note for Jim”, why not name it with the date and other important information which could help you much more quickly establish what that file actually is? So, for example: “20200831 To Jim re Balloon Purchase” (or whatever).

So, why not trawl through the current folders on your computer and check that they’re all named appropriately and that you have the correct documents, music or photos in accordance with each label. Yes, this could be quite a monotonous and time-consuming process for you to undertake – but in the long run it’ll be worth it. Rather than try and pick up the pieces of a scattergun approach, you’ll know exactly what to aim for when you’re looking for a specific thing.

Should I have a general tidy up?

A big help in keeping your working from home practices organised is to de-clutter your desktop. We mean, actually, both your computer desktop and the physical desktop on which your computer sits while you are working. In terms of the computer desktop, if you’re someone who has icons, shortcuts and files saved onto your desktop and it looks cluttered, then it’s probably time to have a serious tidy-up and to get more organised. Even if you need a folder or a file to be quickly accessible there’s no real reason to have saved them on your desktop.

For the same reasons, it’s worth going through the Inbox of your work email and establishing whether historic emails are actually necessary to keep. Having a good tidy up of your email folders will also help you find things more easily, and stay focused on the tasks in hand.

The right tech for working from home

We’ve blogged about working from home in the past and you can read some of those articles here, here and here. Hopefully the working from home tips we’ve provided this time will see you right!

Remember, when you’re working from home you’re still at work. And if you were at work and your disk-space was a mess, or your working processes were a bit haphazard, you’d find your productivity was impeded. It’s really important to get organised – not just with the right tech, but with the things you do on that tech, and the way you do the things you do!

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