Gaming Headsets: Time for an upgrade

It’s time for an upgrade. Toss that raggedy old gaming headset you’ve had for way to long straight into the bin! You should take more pride in your gaming equipment… After all, a gaming headset is one of the essential gaming accessories.

Out with the old and in with the new. We’ve got a dashing selection of shiny new gaming headsets that will not only improve your gaming experience, but also the aesthetic when it’s sat next to your beloved gaming rig.

These are a few of our favourites:

Razer Nari Wireless Gaming Headset

From arguably the most well-known gaming brand is the Nazri wireless gaming headset. Designed to provide full immersion in every game with crisp, realistic gaming audio. With gel-infused cushions, the ear supports will allow you to game for even longer without overheating or suffering any discomfort.

If the sheer quality of this gaming headset isn’t enough to sway you, then think of all the late-night gaming sessions you can have without waking your parents up. We’ve all gotten a little too carried away with the TV volume during the early hours of the morning after a few Mountain Dews.

The Spec:

  • Wireless
  • THX Spatial Audio
  • Neodymium Drivers
  • Razer Chroma
  • 4GHz

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless High-Fidelity Gaming Headset – Carbon

CORSAIR! You already know this headset is going to be a quality bit of kit. Slap these on, plug them in… nope! Actually, you don’t even need to plug them in. These bad boys are wireless! That’s a lifesaver when you’re so used to getting tangled up in ridiculously long wires all the time.

The omni-directional microphone is detachable too, so if your teammates get sick of you shouting at them you can remove the mic and the temptation along with it.

The Spec:

  • Up to 20 Hours Battery last
  • Micro-perforation RGB lighting on each ear cup
  • Precisely tuned 50mm high-density drivers
  • Connect PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Mobile

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Headset – Green

Bold colour schemes and an impressive spec list are what this gaming headset is all about. Why hide in the shadows when you can be in the spotlight? These Razer Kraken headphones will inspire you to win and provide stunning audio while you do.

If you have any jealous siblings you may have to fight them off as they try to ‘borrow’ your headset… But it will all be worth it, we promise.

The Spec:

  • Full Audio Controls
  • THX Spatial Audio
  • Game/Chat Balance
  • Custom-Tuned 50 mm Drivers
  • Ergonomic Design

Best Gaming Headsets at Ebuyer

The favourites that we picked out also happen to be some of the best gaming headsets we have to offer here at Ebuyer. So, what are you waiting for? Get over to our website and get the upgrade you desperately need, right now!

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