Secrets to improving your gaming (Part two)

Successful gaming isn’t just about sitting yourself down and going into battle through the night… Successful gaming is like most things: If you fail to prepare you’re only preparing to fail! Gaming is all about the planning and making sure you’re in the best frame of mind to challenge the opposition. Here are some more tips to give you the edge!

Beware the music!

When you’re listening to music whilst gaming, you might not be aware of it, but a small part of your brain is being distracted instead of concentrating on the game. Gaming requires focus and concentration, so the more distractions you can eradicate the better. If you are playing your ‘own’ music (ie: your favourite artist) then the chances of you losing concentration whilst gaming are very high, so don’t do that! Even in-game music isn’t ideal.

If there’s an option to mix sound levels, then it’s best to turn down the actual music and turn up the sound effects. Get a good non-distracting balance between the two. To increase your reflexes and reactions, sound effects help by giving you an extra sense to help gauge your actions. Good quality headphones will help eliminate much of the noise from inside your house and help you become immersed in the game itself.

Sort out those controls

There are lots of games out there which allow you to adjust the sensitivities and layout of the controls. The thing to do is test out all the different options and find out what suits you best before rushing in to play. Try out different settings and then try them out in-game. Spending a bit of time doing this will really help you get the perfect level of sensitivity and will help improve your performance. It may be something that you don’t really notice, but it really will increase your gaming awareness.

Watch the pros!

Pros are pros because they have mastered a higher level. They may not have as much natural talent as you do, but they have utilised every opportunity to put them ahead of the rest. It’s as much about attitude as it is skill. Watch the top players on Youtube or streaming video. Watch how they react to situations and take note of their strategy. See how they anticipate their opponent’s moves before they strike and how they react when they encounter each other. It also gives you time to acclimatise to a particular game if you’re watching the pro’s play it before you jump in.

Get into the zone

What does that actually mean? Well, if you’re not “in it”, then you’re probably going to get beat – that’s how crucial the zone is!

The ‘zone’ is actually in your head. When someone is in the zone, they stop evaluating their performance, and begin positively believing in their ability to win. The more relaxed someone is, the more their body reacts in a natural way. When someone has negative feelings and believes they’re going to lose, their body reacts accordingly and goes into a fight-or-flight response, releasing serotonin and adrenaline. This will make you feel stronger and quicker, your ability to move and react with precision and fine-tuned movements is lowered. So, the less chemical interference you have going on in your body, the more naturally you will move and react. So, it’s a case of making sure you are more relaxed with less chemicals in your body. Like a gaming detox. So, what can you do to increase the chances of being in the zone? Kick sugar, caffeine, and alcohol into touch. Now!

Sugar doesn’t help

If you’re gaming with friends and REALLY want to win, then let your friends have a fun time and do all the drinking and snacking while you abstain and look on all smug! You will have a definite advantage. Sugar makes the nervous system more jittery as insulin levels fluctuate, and alcohol (presuming you’re of legal age) will subdue your nervous system whilst any sugar will make you process alcohol even slower. As your mates get into the party spirit, you should be cooler in the head and growing in confidence!

Forget the coffee

Another gaming get-together could be when there is a serious multiplayer game about to take place. Some think that if they drink coffee they will be more alert. In fact, the opposite happens. It’s similar to the adrenaline effect. If you are sleepy, you will become more awake, but your nervous system will become more agitated. The caffeine speeds up your heart-rate and your body will react as if you’re running a half-marathon. For precision movements and reaction time, this is a pretty bad idea.


So, that’s about it for now. Use these tips to give you an advantage where you can. Another way to get an advantage is to use the best gaming set-ups, so click here to see some of the best stuff from Ebuyer!

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