Temperature screening cameras: stay safe and work smart…

Despite the current global pandemic, there’s no need to panic! Temperature screening cameras are here!

Advances in technology mean that you can still successfully manage your business under the rules and requirements of this ‘new normal’. Obviously you must make sure that you follow the Government’s latest guidelines at any given moment, but the availability of affordable temperature screening cameras ensures that you can keep a close check on the health of your staff as they arrive for work – and their suitability for entering or remaining in your workplace.

These are unprecedented times. Not only does almost every article you read online or in the newspapers feature the phrase “these are unprecented times” somewhere within it, but there is a whole swathe of responses to the way coronavirus has affected business and home life.

Covid-19 (technically one of several coronaviruses) is a raging pandemic which has threatened to completely upskittle the normal modes of behaviour for most people across the globe in 2020. In fact, with national and local lockdowns – and all manner of social and economic issues arising from them – the pandemic has already altered our way of doing things. Home life has changed, and so has business life.

So, as a business-owner or management team, investing in temperature screening cameras is a really smart way to ensure the continuation of your business under challenging circumstances.

How do temperature screening cameras work?

Using infrared technology, temperature screening cameras (sometimes also known as thermal imaging cameras) detect heat radiating from a body and then estimate core body temperature. An object with a temperature above zero emits detectable infra-red radiation. The higher that temperature, the higher the intensity of radiation. Calculating the differences in IR intensity between objects, the cameras make IR ‘visible’.

Usually targeted at a person’s forehead, these cameras are an extremely powerful weapon in the fight against coronavirus as they help detect possible sources of infection. The cameras provide easy-to-decipher images and temperature visuals, and there are models which will sound alarms set to go off when certain temperature thresholds are exceeded. Thermal imaging cameras have been used in the military, by fire-fighters and by the police.

Protect your staff and visitors

For most businesses, looking after staff and visitors is a priority. Thinking about that in a post-lockdown workplace throws up some interesting considerations. Obviously you will have provided extremely easy access to hand-sanitiser, and also implemented one-way systems and social distancing, as an absolute minimum. But incorporating temperatures screening technology is another essential way to protect anyone who is entering your premises – your staff or business visitors.

High body temperature or fever is one of the main symptoms of Covid-19. So purchasing temperature screening technology is a wise move. Temperature screening cameras can detect a high body temperature almost instantly, so this will give you real-time information on the ‘state’ of persons entering your office, warehouse, construction site, store and so on.

Therefore, your business will be able to detect and stop possibly infected people entering your premises, which in turn will help to stop the spread of the virus. Obviously this is massively beneficial as it means you will be limiting the amount of interactions between a person with signs of possible infection and uninfected others, so the risk of a whole swathe of your workforce having to go into isolation will be severely reduced.

Different types of temperature screening camera

Some cameras are available as hand-held ‘gun’-type devices, offering ease of use and portability. These can be extremely handy when used in, say, the reception area of a business. Or, if used by security at an event such as a concert or performance where queues would be likely to have formed (even if socially distanced), handheld cameras offer the opportunity for the user to track down the line rather than stay in a fixed position.

There are fixed-point cameras available, too, which can be fastened to a wall (or some other permanent, solid, structure). These cameras are extremely useful in high traffic areas.

Nobody wants to live in a world where their every move is monitored, but in these times when global safety is paramount, it’s important to remember that we all must do what we can to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Keeping a track on your employees and visitors to your workplace, by using temperature screening cameras, will help ensure continuation for your business – even if that continuation is slightly different than before.

Here at Ebuyer we stock a variety of temperature screening equipment so that you can maintain your business, and look after the health of your workers. Check out our range, and don’t forget to look at our other products too.

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