Install a CCTV system to secure empty or vacant premises…

A CCTV system offers peace of mind. If you’re a landlord or a business owner there’s a chance that at any given moment some of your property is empty, or languishing unused or vacant. Perhaps a bedsit, a flat or house. Perhaps an office, a garage, a lock-up or a warehouse.

Whether or not you are in the middle of a global pandemic, there’s a good chance that at some point some of your property will be vacant or unused and will not be ‘under observation’. Though your property may be temporarily out of use, even if only on a short to mid-term basis, it’s still very important to make sure it is secured and that in some way you can keep an eye on it.

Why take the risk of only going to the property once in a while to check up on it? Why not install some form of CCTV system so that you can have complete visual access to the property at any time of your choosing?

A smart CCTV system will give you an incredible amount of peace of mind, knowing that you can check in on your property through your smartphone, and see what’s going on… Hopefully nothing, of course. But, if the worst does come to the worst and there is some sort of criminal activity at your property – a theft, say – but you are unable to physically get to your property, CCTV footage could be incredibly useful for the investigating authorities as it may offer crucial evidence.

Here, in this blog, we’re going to look at a few items which we think will help you achieve peace of mind and – perhaps more importantly – protect your property (whether that be through an alarm system or a CCTV ‘observation’ system).

Be smart and lock up to secure your premises…

For a start, it may be worth re-fitting the entry points to your property (if appropriate) with something like the Yale Conexis L1 Connected Smart Lock.

It’s a convenient and simple-to-use system which offers you the freedom to secure your property without the need for a physical key (and therefore no need to reduce security by having multiple copies of that key). More generally used in a smart home set-up, the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock is accessible and controllable through a secure Bluetooth App on your smartphone. This, or something like it, is an extremely worthy addition to the security of any property.

Onto ‘the main event’… The power of CCTV in securing your premises is well known. There are many different cameras on the market to choose from, and each of them has specific features which may benefit you. So it’s a good idea to do your research and find the ‘correct’ (the most suitable) camera for your premises. Bear in mind some cameras operate on smart technology, meaning the footage captured by them is directly accessible from a remote location. And some will record footage down to a hard-drive, to be accessed later.

We’ll run through a couple of really good choices, here.

TRENDnet TV-NVR104K – 4-Channel 2 Camera Full HD PoE NVR Kit

The TRENDnet TV-NVR104K offers a comprehensive video display, storage, and management solution to your security concerns. It is easy to set up and features a plug and play PoE camera installation. This is an NVR system (as opposed to DVR) which means Network Video Recorder. In simple terms, NVR means your system will save the encoded videos from IP cameras on the network. We’ll get to what DVR means a little further into this blog.

This kit includes two 720p outdoor-capable cameras (and you can add up to two more TRENDnet PoE cameras, or upgrade to 1920 x 1080) which means that you are up and running more-or-less straight out of the box, with a couple of angles of coverage on your property, and the option for more. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue to give you the perfect picture.

Available at a fantastic price, this kit also includes a pre-installed 1TB hard drive, and can record over 6.5 days of continuous video. You can even upgrade the size of the hard drive, meaning you will be able to capture much more footage of your property. Without doubt, you’ll be able to rest assured that the place you’re worried about well monitored. Ethernet cabling, fixing screws, a mouse are also all included.

The cameras are sealed in a waterproof steel housing which feels specifically designed to withstand adverse conditions. So, whether it’s rain, snow or apocalypse, it’s likely that you’ll be able to take full advantage of this camera’s ability to keep going through it all!

Swann Enforcer 2 Camera 4 Channel 4K Ultra HD DVR Security CCTV System with 1TB HDD

The Swann Enforcer has been designed to protect your property and prevent crime at small businesses or large homes. You can position its cameras to watch over doorways, yards, driveways, shop floors, store rooms and more.

The Swann Enforcer also features a great deterrent: motion-activated ‘police style’ red & blue flashing lights, spotlights and sirens. It’s a DVR system (which means that it takes video directly from its cameras and then process it for recording) which also features a 1TB hard drive for storage of video.

The Swann Enforcer offers crystal clear 1080p footage so you will be able to see the important details you might need for evidence and to know what’s happening at your property. You can also stream video from your camera via the Google Assistant and Chromecast, Google Home Hub, or via Alexa devices with a screen, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show or 4K Fire TV. So, in effect, if you have a smartphone you’ll be able to keep an eye on what’s going on from wherever you are.

You can set up a Swann Enforcer system with the cameras indoors or outdoors. Their weatherproof design is IP66 rated, which translated into layman’s terms means that they are built to withstand rain, snow and heat, all year round. Again, even more peace of mind as ‘virtually everything’ can be covered all of the time.

Okay, so there are a couple of CCTV ideas for you to get you started on thinking about the security possibilities offered by this brilliant equipment. But we would definitely recommend that you do your research and check out the rest of Ebuyer’s range, and see what fits your specific needs and requirements. Most of all, though, we wish you well in securing your empty, unused or vacant premises.

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