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Buying a portable printer for Uni

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Before we talk about getting a portable printer let’s take stock of where we are in 2020. Okay, we’re all pretty clear that this year can best be summed up with the phrase “these are strange times for all”. But even despite the pandemic, and the changes that has meant to our daily lives and ‘ordinary activities’, life does go on.

For students the opportunity to study at University is a massive privilege, and it’s important to be kitted out properly whether there’s a pandemic or not. Life goes on. Learning goes on. So, here at Ebuyer, we’ve compiled this blog to highlight the convenience and support a portable printer could give you. Yes, we’re going to look at what you need to know, what you need to consider and, of course, what are the best portable printers for Uni…

Things to think about

One of the key benefits of the digital age is that more or less all of the information we consume and create is easily accessible and easily stored. Any student documents we have (whether that be letters, forms, lecture notes, handouts from your tutors, or your dissertation) can be worked on digitally. That is to say, on your computer – whether it’s a desktop PC or a laptop.

But there’s simply no getting around the fact that a printed copy of a document is a much better aide memoire. Perhaps that is to do with the physicality of holding a printed document in your hand, as opposed to reading it off a screen. Checking back through that important piece of work you have to hand in is much easier when you have a printed copy. Making notes in the margins and underlining things for correction and so on. It’s so much easier to spot mistakes or things that could be better.

So, it follows that you will need a printer so that you can print out copies of your work. Here are a few relatively cheap and capable printers that we think will do the trick for you during your student years.

The HP Officejet 7110 A3 Wireless Inkjet Printer

Though the blurb claims that this printer was designed for small to medium-sized businesses which were looking for affordable, professional-quality wide format printing up to A3, it’s a shoe-in for students too. Particularly for students in design or engineering who may have larger format documents which need to be printed and checked over. With the flexibility of wired / wireless networking and easy mobile printing, the HP Officejet 7110 is a great piece of kit which offers a reliable and capable set-up.

The Canon PIXMA TR150 A4 Colour Inkjet Printer

This lightweight mobile printer boasts wireless connectivity, which means you can take control of your printing from a smart device such as your phone or tablet through a Canon print app. It has wireless direct which means that you don’t need to ‘go through a router’ to print your important documents. With rapid print speeds and great quality, the question is can you keep your workload up with it?! The Canon PIXMA is also light, robust and portable, which means you can pack it up and take it home with you for the holidays.

HP Officejet Pro 8210 A4 Wireless Inkjet Printer

For the more studious student, this printer can handle large workloads thanks to its ability to produce up to 22 pages per minute (in black and white). If you’re printing in colour, the HP Officejet Pro 8210 is capable of 18 pages per minute. That’s pretty fast! It also features double-sided printing, which means you can have a more professional looking finished document – and that you can save paper! This one even offers borderless printing so you can produce photos or A4 posters for your marketing needs. Perhaps you need to get some materials together for that ad campaign for that massive party you’ll be holding once the pandemic is under total control!

Canon SELPHY CP1300 – a truly portable printer!

Okay so this one definitely isn’t going to be of any use to you if you’re a text-heavy document ‘n’ dissertation sort of student. It’s a photo printer way more suited to art, design or photography students for churning out neat little prints of their work. But, despite the fact it’s not for all, it’s a great piece of kit so it’s getting an honourable mention here.

It’s a small and stylish – and truly portable – photo printer which can give you quick Wi-Fi prints from compatible smart devices, cameras and more. You’ll get lab-quality photo prints and this photo printer makes it easy for anyone to quickly create and share unique printed images. Different layout and ‘shuffle’ options includes photo booth strips and ID printing. The Canon Selphy is small but versatile!

Okay, so that’s a handful of portable printer choices we think are suitable for students to consider for their university years. One other thing you should consider is your use of ‘peripherals’. We mean paper, and we mean ink and toner. Don’t panic, though. Ebuyer has got you covered on all counts! Have a browse.

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