Crazy Pet Tech a summary of 2020!

Wow, what a year it’s been. A pandemic has caused a lot of us to be working from home this year and replace our usual office colleagues with our furry friends. Yes, a lot of our pets have seen a lot more of us this year with many of us confined to our own four walls in order to work and… well everything else for that matter.

We love our pets in the UK. So much so that we spent a whopping £6 million on them in 2019. We’re not just talking about the odd bag of kibble or a bone every now and then, we’re talking about crazy pet tech. Funky gadgets that have been designed to make your four-legged friend happier, healthier, or just to keep them out of mischief. Here’s our summary of the craziest and most popular pet tech of 2020!


GoPro Fetch

The almost indestructible action cameras from GoPro have been adapted to be used by your very own dog. The camera company have created a specialised harness for your dog to wear so that you can record footage from your dog’s perspective. Capture fun outdoor moments at the park, travelling or just play catch in your back garden.

Image from GoPro

We’ve all seen those hilarious YouTube pet videos, well now you’ll never miss a funny moment when you’re out and about so you can show your friends and family the events of your dog walk around your local park!

Smart Water Fountain

Cats can be picky little…pets. As many of us know, they’re all different and have individual preferences for everything, including how they drink water. Many cat owners will relate to a video of a cat only choosing to drink from a dripping tap, completely ignoring the bowl of water next to them. This smart water fountain from Semai could be the answer.

Image from Semai Pets

It has several different water flow settings such as bubbling, flowing and dripping. If your pet is a bit fussy and prefers their water moving and running then this could be a great way to ensure your furry friend is properly hydrated.

Whistle GPS Dog Tracker

There’s nothing more worrying as a pet owner when your dog goes on a walk-about without you. Or perhaps you’ve got a pooch that has a tendency of running off when you’re at the local park. No need to stress, this Whistle GPS dog tracker is a great way to keep an eye on the location of your pet.

Image from Whistle

It simply clips to your dogs’ collar and allows you to connect it to your smart phone, so that you can easily locate your dog on a map, making finding them much easier. It also sends you alerts when your pooch leaves your home, so you’ll know exactly when they’ve gotten out!

Arf Pets automatic food dispenser

You’ll never need to worry about whether you’ve forgotten to feed your furry friend again with this food dispenser gadget. You can time exactly when Fluffy gets his dinner, even when you’re out and about. It’s designed for dogs, cats and other small animals and even has a portion control option to prevent over feeding. Keep your four-legged friend healthy and happier with this great feeding gadget.

Image from Arf Pets

We hope this has helped you find new great ways to treat your pets this year!

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