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If you had a pound for every time during 2020 that someone said “These are unprecedented times”, you’d have enough cash to restock your house with all of the latest and greatest tech from Ebuyer. But, joking aside, there’s no getting away from the fact that these are, indeed, unprecedented times.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent necessary lockdowns is still being felt, and will likely be felt for a long time to come. The effects on the intricate mechanisms of the global economy are vast. But how does that economic upset translate, for ‘ordinary people’?

It certainly means job insecurity and, worse, it can mean unemployment. Here at Ebuyer it has been an interesting year, with many more people requiring the right tech to enable a shift towards working from home (WFH or ‘remote working’, as it’s sometimes called) – and this has enabled us to actually ‘take on’ more seasonal staff in the run-up to Xmas.

On an edition of BBC TV’s breakfast news programme earlier this week, Head Of Customer Operations Stefan Hollowell represented Ebuyer during a brief report from our HQ in East Yorkshire. Watch a clip from the broadcast, below.

If you would like to watch the entire edition of the BBC Breakfast News on which Ebuyer appeared, you can do so by viewing at the BBC iPlayer.

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