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Things to think about when you’re getting a gaming headset

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The power of your gaming PC is a major factor when you’re intending to put together your dream gaming PC – but also important are the monitor you use, and the gaming headset.

Game devs put an incredible amount of work into each part of their titles, including the sound. What you will hear during most games is a meticulously engineered environment designed to really ‘up the ante’ on the quality of the game. So, a decent gaming headset could be the difference between immersing yourself completely in the universe the gamers create, or just hearing some pretty meh bits and bobs going on around you.

All that effort by the game devs requires a little input and investment from you, too. At least, it does if you’re serious about getting the max from your game. A decent monitor is, obviously, crucial. But to lift the audio of your gaming to the next level, getting yourself a good gaming headset is a great idea too.

The sound quality of your gaming headset is crucial

It’s pretty obvious, really, but the sound quality of your new gaming headset should be a very important factor in your decision to buy. For the most part there’s absolutely no substitute for quality. Taking yourself off to PennyExtenderMax! or Home Value World and throwing £8.99 down at the till for that bargain set of headphones is probably not going to cut it. They might be big value, they might look relatively cool… But they’re cheaply made and, in almost all cases, you’ll get less-than-pleasing sound quality. Hey, it might be okay – reasonable at best – but that’s not going to be good enough for those serious games you’re going to be seshing.

Check out the features. You’ll possibly find the choice between surround sound and the more usual stereo. Surround sound will take you right into the heart of the action in the game you’re playing, because they have multiple little speakers built in – so ‘positional audio’ is possible. With a surround sound headset, during your game you’ll be able to locate the exact position of things – gunshots, footsteps, oncoming threats, whatever…

Your potential new headset’s bass frequencies capability is also worth considering. And you might also want to think about physical interaction capabilities. This means that a cue in the programming of the game triggers the headset to rumble or vibrate, when a particular action takes place during the game.

Your headset should be comfortable

Comfort should be a serious factor in your decision to invest in a new gaming headset. You don’t want to find that the design or build of your new headset is uncomfortable and stopping you from wearing it for too long. You’ll benefit from a relatively lightweight design which has soft ear cups (these will help protect your ears from ‘gamer’s ear’).

The weight of the unit and the general cushioning / comfort of it will be of massive benefit to you when you’re pulling an all-nighter for one of those mammoth sessions. Another thing worth thinking about, which some people forget to think about, is whether or not the headset is adjustable. You need to be able to alter its position to fit comfortably on yer bonce!

Wired or wireless gaming headset?

This is an interesting one. A wired connection is actually the more sensible option in terms of reliability of that connection. But… wireless headsets are much more convenient an option for gamers. You are more able to move about your room or gaming space due to the wireless connectivity. It can also be worth tweaking your home Wi-Fi – perhaps getting an upgrade for speed and the accuracy of the signal. This is actually something you might have had to think about anyway, if you are an avid online gamer.

So, I’ve taken your advice and I’m ready to buy… What next?

As we’ve said in this article, the things you should keep at the forefront of your mind when deciding which new gaming headset to buy are: sound quality, comfort and connectivity. We stock an impressive range of the best gaming headsets, here at Ebuyer – and there’s something for everyone within all budgets. Check them out here, and happy gaming!

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