How To Hone Your Gaming Skills

If you’re passionate about gaming, then you must have seen how the top pro-gamers make a ton of money for doing something they love. Yeah, that’s the sort of job YOU want! But how do you take your gaming skills to the next level?

It may be that you’re just starting out and are frustrated that you’re not playing that well. The reality is that many gamers have been playing and practicing for a long time, and it’s well-known that overnight success rarely if ever comes overnight.

If you’re keen to progress and advance your gaming expertise then there are things you can do which will make you ready to compete at a higher level…


Turn Down the Music, Raise the Volume on the SFX, and Wear Headphones

Eliminate distractions – and that means turning off the music so you can focus on what’s really important. If the game gives you the option to mix sound levels, turn down the music and turn up the sound effects.

Sound effects can help to increase your reflexes and help to sharpen your reactions. The perfect scenario is to wear quality headphones as this will illuminate other noise and help put you in the zone. It’s life and death, remember!


Make the Screen Brighter

 A tip that not many gamers know is that many games are made on the dark side to really help colours stand out and provide contrast. If you’re playing an FPS and you want to be able to spot the enemy before they spot you, then adjust the brightness so that the colours are easy to see. Don’t go too bright, but enough brightness will give you a subtle edge.


Sort Out Those Controls!

Many games allow you to experiment with the sensitivity of the controls. Don’t rush head-first into a game without going into the options, then testing your settings out in a game, then revisit the options and tweak them until you are comfortable with the level of sensitivity. Doing this will add another subtle edge to your performance.


Buy A More Comfortable Mouse or Controller

Don’t just stick with the accessories that came in the box. Test out different options and find the control that fits really comfortably into your hand. If you have a control which is not perfect, it will just be another distraction that you don’t need when you’re going into battle. And, while we’re on the subject of comfort, don’t forget the importance of a good gaming chair when playing.

Learn From Your Friends And Enemies!

Make use of other people’s knowledge – and that means by checking on YouTube for particular gaming tips and tricks. You won’t be able to think of everything yourself.

It’s also a good idea to check out videos of gamers in action. See how they react to certain situations and how they anticipate their opponent’s moves.

One of the best ways to improve is to take on players who are better than you. It’s easy to keep playing people who have a similar skill level, or those who aren’t as good. But guess what? You’ll gradually see them improve and then match you. You really need to play with more skillful players, even it means you go on a long losing streak first. Think about gaming long term.

When playing with people who are better than you can learn a lot about how to improve your own skills and strategies. It’s a learning process.


Enter ‘The Zone’

One of the most crucial aspects of playing well is getting in the zone. If someone is playing in a professional gaming tournament, they better know how to get into the zone if they want to stand a chance at winning. You need to block out any distractions and be able to concentrate fully, 100% of the time. Put a note on your door saying ‘Do Not Disturb’ – do anything you have to do in order to get your mind on the job.


Your Body Knows Best

Before you play, make sure to eat properly. There are many gamers who play for many hours, forgetting that they have to eat or use the bathroom. The longer your body is hungry, the more agitated your body gets, causing you to lower performance in your gaming. You also need to acclimatise yourself to the time you’re going to be gaming. If your games starts at midnight, then make sure you get some solid sleep beforehand, as by the time if gets to 3 am you’ll be out on your feet and your concentration levels will be slipping.


Join A Club Or Team

Try joining a local club at your university or in your town to exchange tips with other players, or to simply practice. Of course, you can certainly find players online. Gaming, however, can be an isolating hobby and it’s better to meet players face-to-face. You’ll learn lots from being in a club or a team and one of the best ways to improve certain skills is to have someone mentor you in them.



All these little tips and pieces of advice when put together will give you a much better chance of winning. Give yourself time and see how much you improve.

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