The Ebuyer Knowledge Hub is now live!

Not sure what computer RAM is? Need help choosing a gaming mouse? Can’t decide which processor to choose? We’ve got the answers, right here in our Knowledge Hub.

To help you out, we’ve put our brainy heads together to create the go-to place for all the tech related questions you may have. We will be regularly publishing new tech guides and useful answers to frequently asked questions, so you’re not left scratching your head.

We’ve got a tonne of articles in the Hub already, which are broken down into the following categories:

Each category features a series of in-depth guides and information pieces relevant to the designated category to help you navigate through heaps of information a lot easier. Some guides will feature videos from our YouTube channel, to aid the visual learners amongst you.

From beginners guides to the biggest tech questions answered, our Knowledge Hub helps you set up your new devices, overcome tech issues and learn some essential facts in the process.

Beginners Guides

Got a shiny new device or want to know more about a piece of tech before you splash the cash? Or just baffled by the geeky jargon that flows around us all day long? Don’t worry – we’ve got all the info you need.

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How to Guides

Wondering how to add RAM to your PC? How to install an SSD? Or how to speed up your laptop? On this page you’ll find easy to follow guides and videos that will answer all those questions and many more.

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Tech Questions Answered

Got a question about tech? A bit baffled by the online world? Just not sure how that new gadget or software works? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. On this page you’ll find answers to all the questions you’re asking – and answers to questions you hadn’t even thought about.

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Laptops Buyers Guide

Check out our great laptops buyers guides. Everything you need to know is right here. From how to choose a new laptop to how to speed it up and even how to install more memory.

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Desktop PC Buyers Guides

Buying a new desktop PC? Upgrading your current computer? Or just want to get the best of your PC? Our easy to digest desktop PC buyers guides will give you all the information you need.

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Peripherals Guides

Laptops and desktop PCs don’t exist in isolation. We need all the bells and whistles to get the most from our computers. Peripherals like printers, keyboards, monitors, mice… the list goes on. But how do you choose the best devices for your PC? It’s easy. Just have a look at our handy peripherals buyers guides.

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Explore our Knowledge Hub

Our Knowledge Hub is live right now, meaning there is a treasure trove of tasty info just sat there waiting for you to go and sink your teeth into. Even if you don’t have any pressing tech questions, there is plenty more our Hub can teach you.

Head over to the Knowledge Hub now.

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