Microsoft unveils new platform for Teams

Microsoft unveils Viva, its employee-experience platform for Teams.
Four Viva ‘modules’ will provide access to workplace learning, knowledge, analytics, and corporate info.

The shift to remote work has affected employees’ sense of community and belonging within their organisation, especially for new employees, with 60% of workers feeling disconnected since going remote, according to research conducted by Microsoft.

Viva Connections is a personalised digital workplace built on SharePoint. From here, employees can access a range of content, including internal company news, policies and benefits, and interact with various groups and communities, thanks to integration with Microsoft apps including Yammer, SharePoint, and Stream.

Microsoft Viva is here

Microsoft has now unveiled its employee-experience platform, Viva, which the company calls a digital ‘gateway’ for employees to access relevant news, learning, analytics, and knowledge within their organisation.
Four Viva ‘modules’ – Connections, Insights, Learning and Topics — will become available in Teams on a staggered basis over the next few months, Microsoft said, leveraging existing capabilities within the Microsoft 365 portfolio, including SharePoint and analytics tools.

Better insights

The platform is also designed to provide managers and leaders with better insights into the well-being and performance of their workers, the company said.

The launch of Viva comes as focus on remote workers continues to grow, particularly during the pandemic-driven rise of distributed workforces. Microsoft argues that the ‘fragmented’ market for employee experience tools, covering everything from employee training to benefits, analytics, and other wellness issues, is already worth a staggering £250 billion globally.

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