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Working from home can be a great thing for those who can. Less distraction from colleagues, no barrage of phone-calls to other desks disturbing the general flow or the sound of chitter-chatter at the water cooler or coffee machine. Simply peace and quiet…or is it?

What about those Skype/Zoom/Teams meetings when you’re working from home, where you’re trying to make notes on your laptop/desktop and colleagues are saying in the background “What’s that tapping noise?” – Or worse still, you silently curse your colleague who is disturbing the meeting with their note-taking rattling and mouse double click…

Are you one of those people who isn’t home alone? Maybe it’s you who is disturbing your partner’s work meetings by just being too darned loud with your keyboard and mouse. After a while, the ‘clicking’ of keyboard keys or mouse buttons and the ratchet noise of a scroll wheel can become, to say the least, irritating.

Noise is not easily suppressed and there are so many factors which contribute to the noise level in a room. Offices operate at around 40 decibels when occupied and people are working and whilst the average home is the same, if you are the only one in the room, it is far less. Any noise you make, therefore, will be amplified.

If in a sparsely furnished, small room, noises from keyboards and mouse buttons can be deafening. If using a wooden desk, typing noise can increase. The speed and intensity of typing changes the amplification of sound as well. Add in a mechanical keyboard with an audible click-action key and you will start waking the neighbours. Combine all these factors together and the noise can increase to an unacceptable level, making those virtual meetings sound dreadful, as well as being an annoyance for not only you, but anyone sharing your room, or indeed, the house.

Is there such a thing as a completely silent keyboard and mouse? With the best of intention, a truly noiseless keyboard and mouse is not impossible, but can have an adverse effect on the feel of the product. With keyboards specifically, making something truly silent, means dampening the keys to the extent of a feel of typing on a wet sponge all day, which is really something that does not help productivity.

The CHERRY range has options which will help keep that noise level to a minimum, whilst still offering a comfortable, tactile and feature packed product that is ideal for today’s office and home-office environments.


The newest addition to the CHERRY range, this desktop set has a wireless version of the extremely popular STREAM keyboard, with scissor mechanism keys, integral status LEDs, low profile construction and a host of multimedia keys. The key press is precise, solid, and comfortable, as well as being as quiet as possible. The mouse features a 1000/1600/2400dpi switchable resolution and 6 silent buttons. Both connect using the 2.4ghz nano sized receiver with a range of up to 10m. Quiet, wireless freedom at your fingertips.

Wireless not for you? The STREAM keyboard is available as a wired option with the same features as its wireless cousin – 3 integrated status LEDs, low-profile SX Scissor mechanism keys and 10 programmable (with CHERRY KEYS software) multimedia keys, all with whisper quiet keystrokes.

To accompany this, is the GENTIX SILENT mouse – a simple, but comfortable 3 button house with a 1000dpi resolution sensor and special no-click buttons. Both products at prices which will not break the bank.

For the style conscious user, the KC 6000 series features a low-profile, scissor mechanism keyboard that will grace any desktop and be as quiet as it can. Additional multimedia keys, integral status LEDs and a small footprint housing, available in white/silver or black make this a great addition – and there is even a version for Mac users too in classic white/silver.

DW 9000 SLIM
If the mouse-click is not your main consideration, then the KC 6000 SLIM has a cousin, in the DW 9000 SLIM. Again, available in white/silver or black/copper, this is a wireless set which can be connected to two devices simultaneously – one via Bluetooth, the other using 2.4ghz radio frequency. The same great features are present from the KC 6000 SLIM, but this also includes a 6-button mouse with adjustable resolution, up to 1600dpi.

So, not perfectly silent, but products which will help minimise noise levels, causing less distraction for every working environment, be it in the office or at home during those virtual meetings.

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