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Hacker lights up lockdown issues

Motorists in Staffordshire were shocked over the weekend when an electric traffic sign delivered messages deemed “unacceptable” by some local residents. An unknown hacker took control of several signs, delivering his own opinions on government restrictions.

Various messages were displayed, including one which ‘encouraged’ drivers to return to the nearby town of Swadlingcote. The message read: “Go back to Swad you idiots. We are supposed to be in lockdown!”

The cyberattack on Burton-on-Trent’s traffic system prompted complaints from locals who believed the lockdown messages were out of order. One local, Karen Banks, demanded that the people responsible should be fired.
The sign was changed later that same evening in response to Ms Bank’s complaint. The new message read: “Do you want to speak to a manager Karen?”

A spokesperson for Staffordshire County Council said that action was being taken to ensure that no further messages from the mysterious hacker would be displayed.

The signs were welcomed by social media users with many suggesting that the hacker should be given a job at the council, and one adding that the culprit should be nominated for a Nobel prize! Local resident Chloe Beth Mayne added “Not all heroes wear capes. Some change street signs.”

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