You get the picture… Or maybe you don’t!

police car at a bbeauty spot

Three men who travelled 150 miles from London to Shropshire to visit a beauty spot and take photographs were handed £200 fines by the local police for flouting lockdown rules.

Bad news

The trio was stopped in the village of Little Stretton, having driven from Kensington to take photographs of a well-known beauty spot. However, their plan didn’t quite work out, as all three confessed that their mobiles had run out of power and they couldn’t actually take a single photograph.
The police commented that the £200 Covid fixed penalty notice would be the only souvenir they’d be going home with.

Someone charging their mobile. He won’t be missing out on any photo opportunities!

Official bit: The police have a legal duty to make sure national lockdown rules are enforced, alongside council, environmental health and trading standards officers.

So, the moral of the story (ignoring the law-breaking bit) is: Always make sure you have a mobile charger or a power bank portable charger handy or you’re going to miss out on those amazing photo opportunities whether you’re in Shanghai or Shropshire.

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