Acer Chromebook 714 unboxing and review

Join James (aka GeekaWhat) as he takes a look at the Acer Chromebook 714. He talks us through all the key features and specifications – and he also takes a dive into Chrome OS.

Taking it right out of the box, we find that Acer have included a quality USB-C connector lead, which is ideal for when you’re on the move. The Chromebook itself has a metallic design and dark-grey finish, which is sturdily built and certainly looks the business.


As far as ports go, you get 2 x USB-C, a single USB-A connector (type 3.0) and a headphone/mic combo jack. Additionally, there’s a Micro SD connector which is great for transferring files on the move and provides expandable storage capability.

The device itself provides a Full HD 1080 screen and as additional security, Acer have provided a fingerprint reader, which is a nice touch.

James takes us through the set-up procedure which to be honest, is really simple – which is exactly what you want when you your new device arrives on your doorstep.

“Everything about the Acer 714 is super-simple,” says James. “When you close the laptop lid and open it again, you’re straight back into Chrome OS in an instant, which makes things super-streamlined.”

With impressive build quality, the Acer 714 is also super-versatile. James also connects the laptop to an Acer 27” monitor – which is simplicity itself – to see what the quality is like.

Unsurprisingly, this creates an effective desktop set-up, where you can work on spreadsheets, create slide presentations, use google docs, browse the internet, and watch YouTube or Netflix… As James says, “The possibilities are endless”

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