Click click: Basic camera tips for beginners

These days just about everyone has a smartphone – including your Gran! So that means just about everyone also has access to a fairly good quality digital camera and can capture pretty good photos. But what if you’re trad? What if you just want your phone to be a phone, and any pictures you take you want to take on a ‘normal’ camera?

Well, from that perspective the cameras on offer from Ebuyer are normal. They’re what you’d usually think of when thinking about cameras. But in their own context they’re anything but normal – they’re pretty special. Ranging from ‘budget conscious’ models right through to pro- and semi-pro- level beauties like the Canon Powershot G5, there’s something for everyone. Check out our range here – and take a look at our five basic things to remember when taking photos…

  • Framing: The thing you are taking the picture of is the subject – but how do they fit in to their surroundings? Try and centralise them in your shot (both horizontally and vertically) and you’ll get a much more satisfying result. Use the ‘rule of thirds’ if you can.
  • Light: Never point your camera into a light source. So, if you’re taking a indoor photo of someone during the daytime, try not to position them in front of a window, or if you’re taking an indoor photo at night, try not to point the camera towards lamps etc. You’ll have all sorts of problems with ‘backlighting’ that even Photoshop will struggle to solve!
  • Background: If you’re taking a portrait sort of shot, a mid- to close-up, then you should opt for a plain background if you possibly can. The eye should be drawn to the focal point of the picture rather than be distracted by a ‘busy’ background.
  • Flash: Don’t use a flash indoors. It may seem counter-intuitive to say that, but a flash can completely ‘disrupt’ the aesthetics of a photo. We’ve all seen super-harsh pictures where the subject of the photo is virtually whited-out. No need. Mess with your settings instead and you’ll be able to come up with something decent, much more ‘atmospheric’ or natural.
  • Shake: Try not to move your camera at the moment you press the button. If you do, there’s a chance you’ll end up with a blurred image. Pretty obvious really!

So that’s a few basic tips for anyone thinking of taking their photography a little more seriously than just pointing their phone at their mates on a night out. In addition to the ‘proper’ cameras on offer from Ebuyer, there is a range of camera accessories which can add to the experience. Happy clicking!

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