Guest Blog #2 Augmented Reality Expert, Scott Lester

Scott Lester is CEO and founder of EyeKandy, a company specialising in Augmented Reality (AR).

Having spent twenty years in the technology space, Scott says, “augmented reality is right up there with the internet, social media and mobile phones as to how much it is going to affect all our lives over the coming years!”

What is AR??

But what exactly is Augmented Reality – it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie!? “It basically enables you to overlay very realistic digital images and animations over your physical surroundings,” continues Scott.

Scott Lester, CEO eyekandy.com

AR is one of the biggest technology trends at the moment, and it’s only going to get bigger as AR ready smartphones and other devices become more accessible around the world. AR let us see the real-life environment right in front of us – trees swaying in the park, dogs chasing balls, kids playing football -with a digital augmentation overlaid on it. And, AR is already having a big impact on people’s shopping experience.

“We are changing the way the world shops with Augmented Reality!” says the former entrepreneur of the year and author. “We partner with ebuyer to deliver AR shopping experiences to your customers to give them an immersive and engaging way to browse and buy. Our job is to reduce the ‘Imagination Gap’ for your shoppers so they don’t have to imagine what the product will look like in their own space, we will enable them to place it right there, to scale in their home!”

Is AR here to stay?

But is it really any good, we ask? Laughs Scott, “Well, Apple, Google, TikTok Facebook, Snapchat (and of course EyeKandy!) all seem to think so.”

If you’ve browsed the ebuyer website, you may have seen a rotating cube graphic which says: Shop in AR? Take a look and see what all the fuss is about!

Scott says that whilst billions of us have the phone and connection speed we need to use AR, it still has a way to go before it hits the mainstream. But, he adds, “With the likely release of an Apple AR product in 2022, that will all change pretty quickly!”

We ask Scott to give us a prediction for the future of tech in maybe 20 years’ time. A short pause, he replies, “We will be able to have a family dinner all together with the sounds, smells, touch of actually being together, without leaving our homes – and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad!”

Take a look at some stunning AR from Microsoft…

Quickies with Scott

Ebuyer: Are you a tech genius or naturally a grafter? (or both)

Scott: Neither, I’m just curious.

Ebuyer: Tell us something about yourself that people probably won’t know!

Scott: I’m an author and my book got to a Top 6 Best Seller on Amazon last year. LOL! Also, I’ve been vegetarian for 6 months – which is not as bad as I thought it was going to be!

Scott’s best selling book…

Check out eyekandy.com here.

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