How a gaming PC can improve your life!

That sounds like a bold-ish statement, but we really do think that a kick-ass gaming PC can make you feel GREAT! In an effort to back this up, we’ve provided a handful of examples….

  • Save on buying clothes. Pre-assembled gaming PCs are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be. Check out the brilliant AlphaSync brand for starters. They use the best branded components, have powerful processing tech and graphics – and you don’t need to spend money on socks, ‘cos a great gaming PC will just blow them off anyway!
  • Be popular! Gaming how it should be. Playing the latest FPS classics at 60 frames per second and higher is an experience which is pretty hard to beat. And it’ll make you sooo popular with your mates – they’ll be begging you to come round for an all-nighter…
  • Save more money. A gaming PC with all the cool lighting effects looks amazing. You don’t need to go to any nightclub (when they re-open) to have all the groovy lighting you need, so you’ll save on the door money.
  • Good for mental health. When you’re gaming on a good setup, time is not important anymore. You’re in the zone and you won’t be hitting the ZZZs ‘til at least 4am. Enough time to eat a truck load of pizzas and drink a lake full of Red Bull – all good for your general well-being!
Pizza and Red Bull, although that’s not really the type of red bull we meant… oh, whatever!

Let off Steam! You’ve all heard of the PC gaming service called Steam, haven’t you? It has well over 120 million users around the world. Once it’s installed on your PC you can download (or alternatively, buy) all the games you want, and they’re then stored in your own library. You can then ‘let off steam’ whenever you wish. Simple.

Relax. Did you know that you can still use your Xbox controller to play games when transitioning from a console to gaming on your PC? Yeah, you can, so there’s no need to stress! But be aware that a gaming mouse and keyboard will provide better precision – especially if you’re into first-person shooters.

GeekaWhat takes a look at a brilliant AlphaSync gaming PC…

So, there you have it. Six ways an explosive gaming PC can improve your life and make you a much better person – even if you’re not wearing socks! Take a look at our range of fantastic gaming PCs here.

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