Ultrawide Monitors: Why bother getting one?

Gamers are always looking to improve their gaming experience, and one of the most effective ways is to view the graphics as they were intended. The more real the game looks, the better. To get the best graphics you’ll need a powerful computer AND a powerful gaming monitor. If you’re new to PC gaming or looking for an upgrade, you might be wondering what the big deal is with ultrawide monitors? Here’s a quick list of how one can help your gaming and productivity.

1. Games which support the display can give you a greatly expanded field of view. What does that mean? It means you can see more of the action, that’s what. So it gives you the upper hand in competitive games.

2. An ultrawide monitor will allow you to spot enemies on the sides of your viewport that would typically be out of view for other players using a standard monitor.

3. Even if you’re not gaming competitively, the larger screen is perfect for those games which have incredible visuals that support ultrawide resolutions. Your games just look incredible.

4. These monitors are great for players who like to multitask. You have more space on screen for multiple windows. If you’re playing a game but need to chat with a non-gamer friend, then you can easily fit two windows on the screen without losing a ton of detail.

5. Let’s not forget that ultrawide monitors just look awesome!

GeekaWhat takes a look at an LG ultrawide monitor…

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