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Air Con: The easy way to keep your cool!

The Met Office confirmed that the highest temperature of the year so far was recorded at Heathrow on Sunday – a staggering 31.6°C. Whether you were inside your home or outside it in the garden you will definitely have had to take some big steps to ‘manage’ your environment and ensure your safety and comfort.

The easiest way to make sure that you keep control in this sort of heat is to invest in an air conditioning system. Many modern buildings, whether homes or professional environments, do have air con built in and some have it retro-fitted. But for those who don’t, or who require a portable solution, we recommend the range of Vida air conditioners.

Ranging from small units which could fit onto a desk, work surface or a table, to larger free-standing units which can provide a cooling solution for a larger area, the Vida range available from Ebuyer has something to suit each and every need. Check out the videos, below, and browse the range here. You can also read our blog guide to keeping cool while working from home during a heatwave… Good luck!

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