How do you link your social media accounts?

Having several social media accounts can be an absolute nightmare – and it can take all your time to keep up with them. There is a solution though, and that is to link your social media accounts to one another. If you’re a social media monster, then your life is about to become much easier, and if you’re in business, then you’re going to become much more efficient.

We’ve put together a guide for you to link your social media accounts together. You might not think you actually need to do this, but believe us, once you’ve done it, you’ll be sending us a million pounds in cash as a thank you! OK, that’s probably not going to happen, but doing this will definitely change your life for the better!

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Connecting Facebook with Instagram

Make sure you’re logged in to both your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
In your Insta account, click on the three lines at the top right of the screen. (Or your user icon – your photo, and then click the three lines which you’ll now see at the top of your screen).

This gives you a menu, then click on the ‘gear’ option (settings).
This takes you to your ‘account page’ then go down the list and click ‘Linked Accounts’. Then click on the account you want to link. Once you’ve done this, a blue ‘tick’ will appear next to ‘Facebook’ to show that your accounts are now linked.

Connecting Facebook with Twitter

From your desktop computer, log in to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile.

Go to your Settings menu’s Apps tab.
Click ‘Connect to Facebook.’

Enter your Facebook details and click Log in to sign in to Facebook.
You will then receive a prompt that says Twitter will receive certain information from your Facebook account. In order to continue, you must select Continue as [Facebook name].

After, you are prompted to select the privacy settings for who will see your Tweets and Retweets posted to your Facebook wall. It is set to friends by default.

Click ‘OK’ to complete the process. Your Tweets and Retweets will now post to your profile Facebook wall and your username will be displayed there as well. Replies will not be posted. Sorted!

Connecting Twitter to LinkedIn

Go to LinkedIn sign-in page and login using the email address and password for your account.

Click your username in the top right corner followed by the ‘Settings’ option. This will take you directly to your account Settings page.
Click the ‘Manage your Twitter settings’ link under the ‘Settings’ heading on your account Settings page.

Click the ‘Add your Twitter account’ link. Log in to your Twitter account to verify the process.

Sign into Twitter and click the ‘Allow’ button when prompted to grant LinkedIn permission to your account.

Select your preferences for status updates and content preferences.
Click the ‘Save changes’ button to complete the process.

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Connecting Twitter to Instagram

Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your Instagram on your device.
Scroll down to the ‘Twitter’ option.

Turn on ‘Instagram’ to allow it to connect to your Twitter account.
Login to your Instagram account with your information.

Click the Settings button.

Scroll down and tap ‘Share Settings’. Select ‘Twitter’. Enter your Twitter username and password, and after that you are all set.

So, now you are armed with the info, go out there and make your life easier within minutes! Don’t let us down…

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