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How much RAM do you need to do stuff?

Here’s a quick, rough guide for how much RAM you need to operate on most PCs…

4GB: Some Chromebooks and tablets come with 4GB of RAM. This let’s you do basic stuff – emailing, web browsing and word docs. For anything more, go for 8GB or more. 4GB is OK if you’re on a super-tight budget.

8GB: This is what you get on entry-level notebooks. Pretty good for basic Windows gaming at lower settings. But don’t expect much more than that.

16GB: Great for Windows and MacOS systems. It’s also ideal for gaming, especially if it’s fast RAM.

32GB: Now we’re talking! This is what the pros use. Perfect for multi-tasking and streaming. Gamers will be in their element with 32GB at their fingertips.

64GB and more: Whoa! This is the real deal. 64GB is for purpose-built workstations. We’re talking passionate enthusiasts and professionals – from video editors to music engineers…

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