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Listen up! These B&O headphones sound amazing…

One of the benchmark names in the world of entertainment hardware is Bang & Olufsen. The moniker immediately conjures up a sense of detailed and meticulous engineering resulting in top-quality and aesthetically perfect products.

The Danish electronics company has been crafting high-end audio / visual goods for almost a century, since 1925 in fact. Its virtually perfect range is synonymous with consumer satisfaction – and so it’s no surprise, then, to learn that the H9 third generation wireless headphones released by the firm continue the trend of excellence.

You can see the headphones given the GeekaWhat and Ebuyer seal of approval in our new product video featuring guest reviewer James, but we’ll also also expand on them here.

Rich and deep sound: B&O headphones

The over-ear headphones feature very visible left and right indicator icons inside the two earcups, which makes for a quicker fitting and no chance of messing up the stereo sound by confusing the channels and ending up with right-handed drum rolls sounding like they’ve been played by a left-hander or, if you’re watching TV or a movie, the sound of a train whizzing by in the opposite direction to the way it’s going on screen.

The headphones have adjustment capability with a fairly flexible headband, and are reasonably lightweight, which is an important consideration. They do, of course, still deliver the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with advanced Active Noise Cancelling. The acoustics are meticulously tuned by B&O’s sound engineers and they deliver rich and deep listening experiences.

In terms of connectivity, there are various options. An analogue audio port on the right earcup means you can wire-connect to your device if you wish to. A USB-C connection is great for charging up the headset. A full charge should last you in the region of 25 hours – so that’s more than enough to take them on a day out or indulge in a super-serious gaming session. A power-switch so you can turn the headphones on or off is located next to a Bluetooth indicator LED, which will let you know when the headphones are paired.

In the video, after a simple pairing operation with the headphones and his mobile phone, James fires up his Spotify playlist to give the audio capabilities of the H9s a test run. Immediately he is impressed, and describes how the headphones surpass his high expectations and “sound phenomenal”.

With good build quality, a sleek design and an attractive price, the H9s are likely to be perfect for a variety of uses: Gaming, music, content consumption… Check them out at the Ebuyer website.

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