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If you follow Ebuyer on TikTok – and why wouldn’t you – then you’ve probably seen a regular selection of cool shortcuts and tricks you can do. Each month we put together a selection of our favourites, and here’s 5 more for you to enjoy!

1. Tell Google to do a barrel-roll!

Google has lots of little hidden extras and games hidden away. Here’s one that’s dead easy and fun!

2. Google Breakout!

Type in Google Breakout into the Google search bar and it’ll take you to ‘Play Google Atari Breakout’ a cool, fun game you can play at any time! It’s addictive and perfect for in-between those work tasks of college projects.

3. The quick way to save an image

How do you usually save an image from a website to your PC? Well, try this ultra-quick way to do it!

4. How do you capture a portion of the screen?

Well, it’s very easy – just follow this quick guide and you’ll be doing it in no time!

5. How do you delete your browser history?

Deleting your browser history can be a bit of a faff. Here’s a short-cut you can take that takes just a few seconds…

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