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5 Essential student tech gadgets for Uni

Okay, we’ll ‘fess up straight away. If you’re expecting us to produce a list of James Bond-style tech, you might find that the word ‘gadgets’ in the title of this blog is stretching it a bit! But we do think the items we’ll talk about here are very cool for when you’re heading ‘back to school‘. Even if they’re no good for impressing everyone at spy school, they’re pretty darned great student tech for normal uni! So here are our five essential gadgets for uni.

Encrypted USB stick

A memory stick is the ideal way to move files and documents between devices – perhaps laptop to laptop. They’re also brilliant for sharing larger content files (videos, music or design work). Maybe you downloaded a great film and want to take it round to your mates to watch together. Taking it on a USB stick is ideal, rather than taking your laptop (unless you’ve got that with you anyway)!

You can back up your uni work onto a USB stick, which means you’re protected from accidental deletion, or the loss of your work if your main device is stolen or misplaced. Even further protection – of the information on the sticks themselves – is offered by encrypted USBs. You can read more about them here.


There’s no getting round the fact that modern life – and particularly modern uni life – relies on smartphones. These devices are, of course, not just phones. Mobile phones are mini computers capable of completing all sorts of useful tasks for you while you’re out and about. They are portals to the world through the internet, with information at your fingertips.

You can also set yourself reminders through the calendar or alarm apps. You can use the social media platform of your choice to keep in touch with your mates, your family and more. You can use apps to order food deliveries, and you can even pay for goods at the counter in shops etc! You can use the phone to control the smart tech back at your digs… In fact, a smartphone is capable of just about anything you’d want it to be capable of!


Video Doorbell

You might find yourself living in shared accommodation with people you didn’t know before you moved in (as Talking Heads once sang). So, it follows, there will be callers to your property who you don’t know. Imagine the convenience of not having to answer the door to them in person. You can install a video doorbell which can be accessed through an app on your phone, and speak to the person at the door through an intercom. This makes these devices an incredible addition for anyone who has security concerns.

A word of warning about installing this bit of student tech, though! If you and your housemates are thinking of putting in a smart doorbell, it does involve some DIY, and you should be aware of the terms of your tenancy agreement. Ask your landlord’s permission, get their answer ‘in writing’. That way you’re covered when it comes to reclaiming your deposit!


There are, obviously, other gaming consoles available – but we love a bit of Xbox here at Ebuyer so we’re going to bang on about them for a paragraph or so! Console gaming has become a great way to chill after a hard day chipping away at the uni coalface – either with your buddies (in person or online) or by yourself.


A smartwatch is just what it sounds like. A watch that shares many of the same features as a smartphone. These include internet connectivity, a touchscreen display and the ability to send and receive calls and texts. How amazing is that? Many models can also function as music players, personal organisers, GPS receivers and much more. With health and fitness apps available on some models, there’s that all important health benefit too!

That’s it! Five student tech gadgets we think will enhance your uni life. Okay, as we said at the start this tech might not have you feeling like James Bond, but it is cool stuff. Enjoy – and check out the rest of what Ebuyer has to offer!

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