Microsoft Windows icon Clippy might be back!

Computer users rejoice! Clippy might be back! Microsoft recently used its Twitter account to suggest the return of animated software assistant Clippy, should 20,000 likes were received on the Tweet.

Twitter-using fans of Clippy took to their smartphones and responded in huge numbers. As it currently stands at the time of writing, the Tweet has almost 200 thousand likes and a huge number of reTweets.

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Clippy was originally a part of the company’s Office 97, popping up to assist users of programs such as Word or Excel. After four years – and a lot of annoyance for users – Clippy was consigned to the trash.

He has, however, remained something of an ironically iconic figure. Microsoft (which recently announced a new version of its iconic Windows operating system) is suggesting bringing Clippy back as a replacement emoji for the paperclip in Office 365. It’s a LOL-fest!

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