Tiny Tech for student flats

Student accommodation has a reputation for being a bit on the small side. Some students say their rooms are so small, they can turn off the bedroom light and be in bed before it gets dark!

It’s not all like that, of course, but let’s imagine you’ve got a tiny space in which to sleep and work. If that’s the case, then you won’t want big tech items taking up all your valuable space. Let’s take a look at a few things which won’t block out the daylight in your room – providing you have a window, of course!


Look, you’ll still need a laptop, but they don’t really take up that much room. However, it’s also a good idea to have a tablet too, as they are a really useful tool to have, and they possess a few advantages.

For a start, they’re extremely portable. Unlike laptops, which are often transported in large carrying cases, you can carry tablet PCs comfortably in their protective sleeves. In addition, if you need to check your email quickly or make a speedy social media update, you can pull out your tablet and do so in mere seconds, instead of having to go through the faff of setting up your laptop.

Tablets also have a long battery life – usually upwards of ten hours, which is probably more than a full day’s studying! This is also useful for when you’re on the move, travelling, or suiting in a café with your friends. Tablet PCs are also very speedy when booting up. This enables you to quickly check email, and review work.

Touchscreen Typing

Touchscreen typing is disadvantage of owning a tablet PC. While a touchscreen keyboard is fine for instant messaging and short social media updates, it’s ill-suited to composing long documents and doing serious writing. You can buy a small-size detachable keyboard for a tablet PC if you need to get into a typing session on your tablet.


Earbuds are a more portable, more pleasurable and certainly more affordable alternative to headphones. Studio-level earbuds will cost a fraction of the price of what a studio-level headphones will cost. Just as there are many different types of headphones, there are many types of ear-buds – check these out.


What is a powerbank? It’s a portable battery-powered device for charging the battery of a mobile phone or other electronic device. They are great, because they give you reserve power at any time. Like we mentioned, they’re small and extremely portable. Essential for uni life. And you’ll think so too, the next time you run out of power!

Mini Keyboard

Get yourself a mini (60%) keyboard which is lightweight and extremely portable. These keyboards operate via a USB cable and are perfect for when you’re out and about or staying with friends. A very convenient space saver.

Activity Tracker

Many people joke that students don’t actually do many activities, apart from jogging to the student union bar! But, look, times are changing – and even young people are starting to exercise! Activity trackers have become a hugely popular way to manage, measure and motivate a fitness regime. These simple devices fit easily on your wrist and can keep track of a number of important statistics – from the number of steps you take a day, to your heart rate before, during and after exercise.

Smart Plugs

Control a wide range of devices with a smart plug! You can stay in bed, but still switch on your lights, turn on the kettle, the TV, your hair straighteners and lots more. They’re really easy to install and use. Many smart plugs work with Alexa and Google assistant. Take a look at the full range of smart plugs here.

Okay, that’s our quick list of tiny tech for student flats. You may also need a small TV, or you could just use your laptop and stream. Whatever tech you decide to buy, remember that you’ll need to transport it to uni – so think small, and think lightweight! For back-to-school tech, take a look here…

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