Why buy a tablet?

A tablet is a wireless, touch-screen computer which is smaller than a notebook but larger than a smartphone. It’s perfect for students as either a laptop alternative or an additional piece of lightweight tech. Perfect for taking to classes / lectures, and also great for social media and entertainment purposes.

But what exactly can you do on a tablet? Well, to start with, they are capable of doing stuff that smartphones and laptops can’t. For example, they’re great for note-taking and reading. Teachers using tablets instead of textbooks is now quite common in schools. Let’s take a look at why tablets are becoming more and more popular…

On the move

They are great for taking with you when you’re travelling. They are light and portable and can be transported without you needing an extra bag, unlike a laptop. They’re great for reading e-books or watching your favourite movies when you’re on the go. If you’re on a train, you can use them without banging your elbows into the passenger beside you.

One of the best things is that you can read Kindle books just by downloading the app which is free as long as you have an Amazon account. So, check out your uni reading list and see if those ‘heavy’ text books are available on Kindle – as they are much cheaper in electronic form, and you won’t have to be continually lugging them around campus!

Popular tech with students

There’s no need to carry a stack of books when you have a tablet, which is a big plus for students. So, you can store e-books, make notes and also do homework on tablets which can then be digitally shared with tutors. No paper wastage here! If you’re the type of student who likes to ‘type’ then you can also get tablets which come with keyboards so you can use it like a conventional laptop.

Awesome Gaming Experience

Advancing technology has taken gaming to another level and tablets are excellent for some forms of gaming when you don’t have your usual desktop set-up. Tablets have excellent colours and display crisp graphics which means games look great! With excellent display systems, sound and powerful RAM processors, tablets deliver impressive play when you’re chilling out after a hard day’s uni work!

Note taking

Just like smartphones, tablets come with the notes application, which helps you make notes and save them. Some tablets also support handwriting recognition which means you can make written notes on screen and then have that converted into text – as long you write legibly, of course!

If you’re in class and making notes whilst the lecturer is reading or taking down key notes from a recorded lecture, a tablet can come in really handy. You’ll see tablets in use in lots of restaurants these days, for taking orders.

Impressive Battery Life

Most tablets have more power than Smartphones, and some have longer life than a laptop. Charging devices is always frustrating, so having plenty of power certainly makes your like easier. If you’re a student or a teacher, just make sure your tablet is fully charged before you leave in the morning, and you’ll have enough power to last you until the end of the academic day!

Good for reading

The emergence of Kindle E-Books has transformed the way many people read, and reading on a tablet is much better for your eyes than reading via a Smartphone. They’re also perfect for people who normally increase the font size to read. The bigger screens on tablets make day-to-day tasks easier, whilst providing an excellent visual and gaming experience.

The bottom line…

Tablets are compact, light and portable. Great for reading, notetaking, gaming and watching movies, it’s easy to see why students love tablets. Take a look at our full range here.

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