CHERRY G80-3000 – Back To The Future?

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In 1988, we saw the first Red Nose Day, the £1 note was withdrawn from circulation and Wimbledon FC won the FA Cup! That year also saw the dawn of a new CHERRY keyboard – the G80-3000.

Taking over from the G80-1000, this new keyboard was presented in a much sleeker housing, creating more desktop space than its predecessor and was a hit with consumers and the press alike. Computer Buyer described it as a ‘plain Jane’ but told potential customers not to be fooled by the exterior design as it was a joy to use – they propelled it into their top 5 keyboards list as a result.

CHERRY MX series key-switches are at the heart of this keyboard, with the option of black, blue, brown and, in early versions, clear switch options. A keyboard designed for the professional typist and enthusiast alike.

The G80-3000 continues in the CHERRY product line today – albeit with a few tweaks. The keyboard was originally only available in light grey, but now has the option of black. First versions in Europe shipped with 102 keys – before Windows was popular – so today, 105 keys are standard. Back in the 1988, the large, 5 pin AT connector was the norm and PS2 was in its infancy. Today, USB is standard, but the electronics allow connection via PS2 using an adapter in the box. All these enhancements haven’t changed the basis of the keyboard’s original concept though – a quality, reliable and robust keyboard for everyday use that won’t let you down.

This post has been sponsored by Cherry Keys

Fast forward to 2021 and now its time for an update: The G80-3000 N RGB TKL.

This new version has been designed to stay true to its original counterpart. The keycaps are identical to the G80-3000, giving a familiar feel as soon as its used. The casing design mimics the classic perfectly. There are some upgrades though…

Firstly, the keyboard now includes RGB backlighting, which can be configured to the user’s specific requirement using the CHERRY Utility software, which is a free download from www.cherry.co.uk. This software allows:

  • RGB light settings providing more than 16 million colours – customer-specific pre-sets or individual lighting effects for each key
  • Individual lighting effects can be created, previewed and saved
  • Complex macros can be created and saved on any key
  • Straightforward update of your hardware within the CHERRY software

This latest keyboard also reduces footprint even further, by utilising a TKL layout. For those where desk-space is at a premium, the number pad has been removed, making a much more compact keyboard that keeps the same feel of its predecessor. Having no number pad means your mouse is closer to your workspace for additional comfort. MX Silent Red switches are under the keycaps, ensure a quiet workspace.

State-of-the-art, high-speed electronics bring this classic keyboard firmly into the 21st century – a modern classic perhaps?

The new G80-3000 N RGB TKL keyboard is available now at an RRP of £89.99

This post has been sponsored by Cherry Keys

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